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10 Secrets of World-Class Visionaries You Need to Know

Saint Catherine of Sienna made a profound statement about the power of having a vision of your life’s ultimate destination.

Yes, I know…we all end up dying.  However, Saint Catherine’s thought is all about living to your fullest potential.  In that regard she said:

When you become that which you are called to be, you will set the world ablaze.

As I pondered that thought regarding the problem (no clear vision of where they want to go in life) too many people experience in their lives, I was led to provide you the following information.

The ideas (secrets) discussed may help to stimulate your thinking that can lead you to becoming all you can be.

The first visionary who can help you live by the philosophy of Saint Catherine is Norman Lear.  In the video that follows, he shares how what he calls “the foolishness of the human condition” helped him in guiding his creative vision which served as a guide to living his life.

An entertainment icon on living a life of meaning.

How do the twists and turns in life lead to serving as a United States Marine and then to a very successful actor?  Well, when you truly find out what you are called to be in life you, too, can become successful on a whole new plane.  See what Adam Driver has to say about that in his video that follows.

My journey from Marine to actor.

Your future may be foretold in the words you write and speak today.  Now, that’s a secret that should get your attention!  The following video helps you with developing your vision of what you are going to be “when you grow up” based on some very interesting research.

Your words may predict your future mental health.

So…let’s say your struggle in reaching the ideal of becoming what you are called to be is buried in the misery of feeling like you are a total misfit.  Saint Catherine’s philosophy can still apply to you.  The following video will prove it.

The beauty of being a misfit.

You have probably been to one or more of those seminars to help you learn to set meaningful goals you actually go out and achieve.  It’s a good feeling achieving a goal, isn’t it?  It seems to me if you are going to become what you are called to be you will be required to set and successfully achieve goals.  There is an interesting twist to what you do in setting goals.  From what I’ve learned about the topic this twist goes against a basic tenet.

Keep your goal to yourself.

You can’t do what you are called to be without introducing the power of playing in your life.  That statement may seem to be totally contradictory since play can be defined as engaging in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.   But, the secret that eliminates the contradiction is well explained in the following video.

Tales of creativity and play.

If you think you are going to find what you are called to be without exercising some serious discipline, think again.  In success story after success story, one of the key characteristics described as being necessary is self-discipline.  It is true—there is no free lunch to becoming all you can be and self-discipline is one price you must pay.  Here’s an interesting look at this whole idea of exercising some self-discipline.

Don’t eat the marshmallow.

The gospel according to…  You finish the phrase.  My guess is you would finish it with some religious reference depending upon you faith.  But, there is another kind of gospel (secret) you must understand.  It relates to you dealing better with uncertainty in your life and allowing yourself to question things.  Finding what you are called to be demands it.

The gospel of doubt.

You can’t become more without becoming different.  I suppose that statement could be seen as a kind of chicken or the egg.  Am I saying you have to be different in order to become more?  Or, am I saying being different makes you more?  Well, maybe the information contained in the following video will help clarify things for you and lead you closer to another secret to finding what you are called to be.

Weird, or just different?

As implied by one of the previous secrets I referenced, creativity is very important to finding what you are called to be.  The challenge for so many of us is figuring out how to be creative.  The following video will help.

4 lessons in creativity.

I have no idea what the secret is to you becoming what you are called to be and, thereby, setting the world ablaze.  However, within the secrets shared by the above ten visionaries surely is your answer.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhich one of the secrets do you find most intriguing and why?

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