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10 Valuable Ways to Actually Find Wonderful Inspiration

How do people become inspired?  Why is it important to you to understand how to become inspired?

Is it something someone else says to you?  Is it something you heard a motivational speaker say to you?  Is it the soaring score of some fabulous piece of music?

The answers to those questions are the purpose of this article.  They are important to you because it is only through inspiration that you are moved to do anything productive.

Life is way too short to not be inspired to take full advantage of it!

Why live a life of uninspired malaise and frustration when with inspiration you can be, do or have anything you want?

Enough with the questions!!  Let’s talk about some good answers for finding wonderful inspiration in your life.

Give It Up

Notice I didn’t say give up!

Part of what I mean is to give up hanging on to things that don’t really matter in the broad scheme of things.  Let go of old issues and look forward to new opportunities.

Another aspect of this way to become inspired is to give up once in a while.  Unplug from the grind.  Get some rest!  For sure…get at least 7 hours of sleep at night.

By the way, the science of the brain confirms it is still creating when you are sleeping.  Hence, sleep is one of the most effective ways to become inspired.

Nature Calls

You may recall this phrase from an old TV ad:  “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”

Well, this way of becoming inspired is not about fooling Mother Nature but enlisting her power to help you become inspired.

Nature appeals to the depths of your soul and inspiration comes from there.  You want to become inspired?

Take a walk in the country or in a park.  At least take a walk in your neighborhood!

Look at pictures of nature’s incredible beauty.  Google “pictures of nature” and you will get over 400 million results but the links shown on the first page lead you to some amazing natural inspiration.  You’ll find all you will need right there for this way to become inspired.

Let TED Talk

There is an amazing phenomenon going on in the world today where the inspiring ideas of thousands of people are shared on the internet.

TED talks are less than 20 minute powerful presentations of a myriad of ideas.  Take an hour per week and watch 3 talks of interest to you.  You can’t help but be inspired.

Here’s one to get your creative juices flowing so you become inspired!  Thousands more talks are available to you if you will only be inspired to follow some links on YouTube or TED.com.

Do Be Board

No, I didn’t misspell the word, board.  I mean board not bored.

Here’s my point.  One of the most inspirational ways for you to stay inspired is by creating what is called a Vision Board.

A vision board is a tool you can use to focus your energy on the things most important to you for creating the life you want to live.

There are many resources available to you for learning how to create a vision board.  Here’s one.

Join a Cabal

Yikes!!  That sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ll quickly qualify my use of the word, cabal, which normally refers to some secret group plotting against a government or the overthrow of a leader.  I’m using it as a substitute for the idea of a “mastermind group” so I could get your attention of this valuable way to find inspiration.

What’s a mastermind group and why could it help you become inspired?

A mastermind group is a gathering of like-minded people who want to help each other and encourage each other to improve.  Being a part of a mastermind group helps you to live by the old adage:  There is safety in numbers.

People helping people always accelerates creative approaches to solving problems.

Take a look at morningcoach.com as one source for you to leverage the mastermind group way of finding inspiration.  There are lots of others you can research but this one is as good as they get.

Count Your Blessings

Scientists have estimated the physiological odds of any one of us being born are about 2,240 trillion to 1.

Hello!!! Does that get your attention as to how lucky you are to have a shot at making the most of this life?

When you consider those odds, there really are no excuses for not being inspired to achieve all you can be, do or have.

Do your own research on the scientific miracle that is your birth.  I read the above statistic some years ago and can’t even remember where I found it.

It really doesn’t matter, though.  The odds of your birth are humongous and it’s an inspiration just for you to realize that fact.

Take Notice

Life can be so fleeting you don’t even see it and the people you encounter flying by.

The fact is one of your greatest sources of inspiration is to take notice of other people and what matters to them.

The education you gain from raising your consciousness of other people will serve as a foundation for creatively different approaches to old challenges in your life.

Use Can’t

Fear is a natural thing for all of us.  The bad news is it can limit your desire to be inspired and make more progress in your life.

Fear makes you think you can’t do something.  The best thing you can do in that regard is to consider something you think you can’t do in a different light.

Focus on the visceral reason why you would want to do the thing you fear.  When you find that why, you find your inspiration for figuring out how you can do it.

Get Physical

Remember that song from years ago, Let’s Get Physical, by Olivia Newton-John?  Sorry…I don’t know what made me bring that up.  I’m really not talking about the kind of physical referred to in that song’s lyrics.  :<)

On the other hand, getting any kind of consistent physical exercise does wonders for your creativity and inspiration.

The science is clear and irrefutable after decades of research.

One discussion in that regard reminds us that Henry Thoreau was convinced his thinking began to move when his legs began to move.  If it’s good enough for an inspired person like Thoreau it ought to be a good enough way for you, too, to become inspired.

Quotes Quotient

There is absolutely no reason for you to wallow in the misery of your lack of inspiration.  Rather, choose to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you in finding inspiration.

The inspiring thoughts expressed by people over the eons are captured for your use in becoming inspired.

The pithy thoughts on inspiration are amazing and can help focus your energy.

How about this one:  “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” –Jane Goodall

More can be found here.

By the way, I have provided you the links in this article as an assist to you.  You can be assured I have no financial interest in any of them.

Putting that another way, I’m inspired to help you become inspired.garylogonewbrownsmall

Which of the above 10 ways to become inspired are you going to use first?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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