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10 Ways to Spotlight Achieving Balance in Your Life

During the recently completed Rio Olympics there were a lot of characteristics on display necessary to success.  For the gymnastics competition one characteristic for scoring well loomed very large.

It would seem to take a lot of things to rise to the level of a Gold Medal performance.  Things like, commitment; work ethic; physical strength; positive mental attitude; and ability to accept coaching to name a few.

However, one characteristic that was consistently required if a gymnastics competitor was to achieve high scores was balance.  Competitors had to demonstrate balance on the parallel bars; rings; pommel horse; balance beam; uneven bars; and floor exercises, etc.

If you watched any of the gymnastics competitions at the Olympics, you know exactly what I mean regarding the importance of demonstrating balance.  YouTube is loaded with gymnastics videos to prove my point.

But—what does all that have to do with you and your degree of success in your life?  In a word, plenty!

To achieve a “Gold Medal performance” in your life you, too, must be able to demonstrate the characteristic of balance.

The following video reviews why that is true and how you can achieve balance.

What is the first thing you will do to introduce more balance into your life?

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