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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0438879An interesting word…center. It can connote so many things. Examples: The focal point of something. The core of something. A place for people to gather. I’m sure there are more examples but you get the idea.

Let’s look at the importance of the concepts behind the word, center, to your self actualization. It should be an important discussion because your self actualization isn’t something seen from the outside. It’s something you feel on the inside. It will be your center that will tell you when you have self actualized. None of the rest of us will be able to tell you. Only you will be able to tell you.

In other words, the power of your center will dictate progress toward your potential. That sense of center power isn’t necessarily demonstrated by feelings of exhilaration, excitement, pride or joy. No, the greatest sense of center power will come alive for you when you have much more subtle feelings in your core. In fact, you may not have any feeling in your center, as such, i.e., you will feel a sense of calm.

If you want to become all you can be, you must work toward a sense of calm in your core. Call it peace of mind, if you want. Liken it to the comparison Norman Vincent Peale once described. “The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person.”

How do you derive a sense of peace of mind. I quote another great thinker, John Wooden. He said: “Success is peace of mind achieved as a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you can be.”

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