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2 Keys to Being an Absolutely Great Leader

1 + 1 doesn’t add up to 2 when it comes to great leadership skills.

When it comes to being a great leader, one key plus another key adds up to 100% in effort and results.

Why should you care, if you are not in a leadership role?

My answer is you are a leader regardless of your official title or role in some organization.  You have to lead yourself successfully through your life and the 2 keys to which I refer are just as applicable to you, personally.

The good news is regardless of how the keys are applied, they are simple to understand and relatively intuitional in their application.  Let’s take a look at them.

man-742766_1920Human nature is a weird thing when you really think about it. While we are all very different, we are also very much alike.

Does that sound like an oxymoron to you?

It seems contradictory to say we are different and alike all in one sentence! Truth is though, while we are all different, we are very much alike when it comes to interacting with each other. Psychologists would tell us in any human interaction there are always a couple of dynamics at play.

One has to do with the personal aspects of the interaction and the other has to do with the impersonal aspects of why the interaction is taking place. What’s the purpose of the conversation or interaction, in other words.

I relate to these dynamics of human interaction through what I call the Push/Pull Theory of Human Interaction. The theory suggests we have the push, if you will, of the defensive personal aspects of the interaction possibly hindering getting us to the pull of the purpose for the interaction.

The personal dynamics taking place in any human interaction are focused on the people involved. One example to help explain what I mean, might be a speaker delivering a speech to an audience.

The personal dynamics between the speaker and the audience can get in the way of transference of the information the speaker is sharing. From the audience’s side of the interaction, they may be more focused on how the speaker is dressed, or the way the speaker walks, or the way the speaker might say things rather than the message being delivered.

Focusing on those superficial aspects of the speaker, as a person, may hinder gaining from the message. If the audience is uncomfortable with the speaker’s dress, walk or manner of speaking it can be a real blockage to the purpose of the presentation.b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900289528_20140226-205037_1

Those personal dynamics sometimes can be so powerful they give us the feeling we need to push away from the interaction. They overwhelm any feeling of wanting to be pulled into the purpose for the presentation.

The point is the push of uncomfortable personal dynamics is very unproductive because people are focused on the superficial aspects of the relationship. People are pushed away from the more productive pull gained from wanting to learn from the purpose of the interaction.

Personal Push will almost inevitably defeat Purpose Pull. People are either pulling together or they are pushing apart. This is true in every human interaction and particularly when it comes to leader/follower relationships.

The heart of this issue is trust. Purpose Pull cannot be maximized until people feel a sense of trust in each other. That’s a Big 10-4! Over and out! PERIOD!

Trust is what keeps the heart of every productive and positive human interaction beating. And…as I said…that’s particularly true for the relationship between the leader and his/her followers.

No trust…no inspiration…leading to reduced results driven by fear of retribution from the leader.

That is the most important “1” in the 2 keys to being an absolutely great leader.

The other “1” can be described as follows.

poses-1367416_1920I find it astonishing the number of people who complain about their lot in life.

In their cases, the challenges they’re experiencing or the desired results they’re not getting seem to always be caused by some outside influence. It never is their responsibility!

A classic case in point was in the newspaper recently. The essence of the story being a person convicted of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from an employer.

The case crawled through the legal process for over six years and reached the final sentencing stage. During the litigation proceedings at one point the convicted person rejected a plea bargain to a year in the local jail and left the sentence in the hands of the presiding judge. The convicted person’s hope was to just have to serve probation and pay restitution.

The judge decided to test the convicted person’s resolve in paying back the former employer so he held off sentencing for six months to see how much the person would pay. When the six-month deadline ended the judge learned the person had paid nothing until a few days before the final sentencing date and the amount paid was a very small sum in relation to the amount embezzled.

The judge also learned that the convicted person felt little personal responsibility and was blaming the whole situation on manic depression and employer manipulation.b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401794

The judge rendered a sentence of twenty years in state prison.

All of us have personal and ultimate ownership of how we deal with challenges we face. We have personal and ultimate ownership in the results we achieve.

Yes, there can always be mitigating circumstances, etc., but it is still our ultimate responsibility to manage our lives.

The leader who can inspire people to take personal responsibility for their assigned outcomes is one who will achieve 100% in effort and results.

Trust and accountability…2 inspiring characteristics of an absolutely great leader.

garylogonewbrownsmallHow will you incorporate those 2 keys into the way you lead yourself and/or others?

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