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2 Reasons a Button is Absolutely Important

Remember when childhood games were played on a school playground; out in the backyard; or in the family living room?

When you look around today, it seems like most childhood games are played on some electronic device.  Furthermore, there is little or no engagement from one kid to the other.

Each is too wrapped up looking at the screen of their device as it pops before their eyes with explosive graphics and irritating sound effects.

Whatever happened to “Button  Button—Who’s Got the Button?” And why is that childhood game important to you?

The younger of you reading this post—because of the way so many childhood games have been played the last couple of decades—may never have heard of Button Button…

But, those of us who used to actually play games with other kids out in the backyard or wherever remember that game.india-306_1280

We recall the objective of the game was to find out who had the button among a group of friends playing.

We would all get into a circle and someone would be “It.”  “It” had the button and would go around the circle of players sliding his or her hands into their outstretched hands.

With great stealth and total secrecy “It” would slip the button into the hands of a randomly selected fellow player.  Then, “It” goes back around the circle and asks each player:  “Button Button—Who’s got the button?”

A player responds:  “_______ has the button.”  If that player’s guess is correct, s/he becomes “It” and play continues as described above.  If the guess is incorrect, “It” continues asking players until the correct guess is made.

As “It” asks the other player who has the button, s/he must keep the game going by asking if another player has the button thereby not divulging s/he has the button.

You get the idea.  It was a game that could be played with youthful glee and engagement.

Oddly, for two reasons the game illustrates important adult lessons you can learn.  If you haven’t learned those lessons yet, your life is not all it can be.

Let’s not risk that less than desirable outcome and confirm what the very powerful life lessons are from Button Button.

First Reason a Button is Absolutely Important

The person who is “It” is the leader of the group in that moment.  As such, “It” has the huge responsibility of managing the play of the game so everyone gets enjoyment out of it.

S/he has to be adept at secretly passing the button to someone in the group.  S/he also has the major responsibility of keeping the game on track until a new person becomes “It” because s/he guessed who had the button.

The better “It” is at meeting the above responsibilities the more fun the players have and the more engaged they are.

It’s the same for you in living your life.  From time to time, you will be “It” and it will be up to you to meet all your responsibilities to the team of people you are leading.

Those responsibilities can include delegating certain tasks to the other team players so everything for meeting team objectives can get done.

Hmmm…sounds the same as the “It” person in Button Button…

Or, another real life responsibility is to make sure all the people you are leading understand what they are to do and know how to do it so each person can keep on track toward the team objective.

Hmmm…sounds the same as the “It” person in Button Button…

Oh…and then of course, as the “It” person (Leader) you have the responsibility to help your people enjoy doing their part in meeting team objectives.

Hmmm…sounds the same as the “It” person in Button Button…

Second Reason a Button is Absolutely Important

But, there is another parallel to living your life to a full extent AND the child’s game of Button Button—Who’s Got the Button.

Regardless of the leadership roles you may play in your life, you will in fact from time to time be a player within a group of players.

Just like the players in Button Button…you have individual responsibilities in meeting the objectives of the group in which you are a participant.

One responsibility is to understand the rules of the game and play by them to the best of your ability.

Hmmm…sounds the same as a player in Button Button…

Another responsibility is, as a player, from time to time you will be asked to step up and provide appropriate information to your fellow players that keeps things going toward meeting the group’s objective.

Hmmm…sounds the same as a player in Button Button…

In your life, whether you are “It” or a player it is your job to meet your responsibilities for the benefit of all involved.  No one else can meet your responsibilities.  Only you can!

Button Button—Who’s Got the Button?  When it comes to meeting your individual responsibilities, you do?garylogonewbrownsmall

Tell us about another childhood game that provides valuable lessons for living a full adult life.

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