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2 Reasons Your Mind Can Be Absolutely Like an Old Boot

What would you get if you took the “cowboy” out of cowboy boots?  A little history tells us the answer?

When most people think of cowboy boots they tend to think back to the American Wild West.  The cowboy boot was a utilitarian tool very much adapted to the requirements of those who drove the cattle herds from Texas to the Kansas railheads.

However, like so many things in human history the cowboy boot of the late 19th century was an offshoot of boots that had gone before them.

Some history buffs can trace the origin of the American cowboy boot all the way back to Genghis Khan.  The story goes he wore a distinctive pair of boots that even had a wooden heel.inner-mongolia-1266552_1920

london-450033_1280Another famous person who served the history of the American cowboy boot is the first Duke of Wellington.  Many portrayals you see of him on his horse defeating Napoleon will prominently show his high topped riding boots.

We could spend some more time together learning more details about the history of cowboy boots.  But—we have more important things to accomplish!

I have taken you down this road of information to establish a mental picture in your mind of the cowboy boot but as a metaphor.

Its history would suggest every pair of cowboy boots begins a period where they serve a valuable and utilitarian purpose.

That same pair of boots ultimately gets so used up they no longer can serve their purpose.  Looking at the image at the beginning of this article confirms my point!   :<)

A similar progression can happen in that very utilitarian tool you call your mind.

If you are not careful, your mind can start out quick, nimble and creatively powerful.  However, before you know it, it can devolve into something akin to a worn; out of shape; hole in the sole; and cracked old boot.

There are a couple of reasons that can happen and neither are helpful to you becoming all you can be, do or have.

Reason 1

Think of your mind as similar to the most complex computer the world has known, at least so far.

Take that thought and extend it to the last time you bought a new computer.  You probably made that purchase because your old one was grinding to a slow death because of age and an overload of useless data.

Your new computer was a wiz at booting up, downloading new information from the internet, etc.  It was a dream come true for you to get done what you needed to get done in a more efficient and effective manner.

Similarly, your mind can become overloaded with “old cowboy boot” data.  Data that once was current and valuable but over time has decreased in value and usefulness.

Reason 2

Which brings me to the second reason your mind can devolve into that metaphorical old cowboy boot.

When your mind becomes too filled with useless, distracting, and outdated information, it can become slower to process information just like any other computer.

It has to process through all that junk data before you can get to new and innovative thoughts.  Picture your mind spinning around like that irritating little circle on your computer screen when your program is not responding!

The above two reasons suggest the solution to avoiding “old cowboy boot” syndrome in your mind is to consistently “clean and polish” it.  In other words, you have to clean out the corners of your mind so innovative thinking can fill the empty space!

I like the information in this article as a guide to performing that “clean and polish.”

After all, you don’t want your mind to become like that worn; out of shape; hole in the sole; and cracked old boot.

garylogonewbrownsmallSo what is the first step you are going to take to assure you always have a “new boot” of a mind?

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