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2 Vital Organs Absolutely Necessary to be an Awesome Leader

History is riddled with them!  You don’t want to follow their example!

I refer to leaders who seemingly had great potential but failed spectacularly.   Some examples:

Alexander the Great:

It could be argued he was one of the great military minds of his era in history.  He led the conquering of a huge swath of the world.

However, he was a total failure in securing his legacy as a great emperor.  Why?—because he refused to listen to his generals who pleaded with him to name an heir.

He died without following their advice and his empire fell into a couple of centuries of war which shattered it into oblivion.

Neville Chamberlain

Some say Chamberlain was one of the great Chancellors of the Exchequer during a large chunk of the first third of the 20th century.  He was so successful in managing the treasury of the United Kingdom he was elevated to Prime Minister in 1937.

By 1940 he was run out of office for a catastrophic tone deafness regarding the rising German Reich.  His constant denial of the opinions of his closest advisors about the growing threat allowed Hitler and the German military to sweep through Europe launching a world war.

Consequently, his policy of appeasement did not lead to his stated desire…”peace in our time.”

Charles Ponzi

Yes, there is an illegal practice named after Mr. Ponzi:  Ponzi Scheme

Charles created the process of using profits of new investors in his scheme to pay interest to the old investors.  Maybe if there hadn’t been a Charles Ponzi, the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff would not have happened.

Either leader’s pyramid schemes ruined the lives of thousands of people including their own!  You could say it was greed but I believe it goes deeper than that.  The greed was driven by a spectacular lack of at least one of the vital organs I refer to in the title of this post..

One more example for good measure:

General George Armstrong Custer

He was a reasonably good cavalry officer during the Civil War in the United States.  Good enough at least to help him overcome being last in his class from military training school.

However, his greatest failure is more than just a footnote in American history and that failure proved fatal for him and his 7th Cavalry.

Prior to the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Custer is reputed to have said:  “There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the 7th Cavalry.”

The rest is history, as they say!

Your challenge is to identify the common thread in the failures of the leaders described above so you can avoid those pitfalls and become the awesome leader that is within you.

Don’t worry though because I’m going to identify those common threads in the remainder of this article.  Then, all you will have to do is avoid those failures and you will become an awesome leader.

The above leaders all failed because of two, key, fatal flaws—their minds and hearts were not functioning properly.

Here’s what I mean by that statement.

The five vital organs to sustain human life are brain, heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.  But—as I stated in the description to this post, if two aren’t functioning correctly the other 3 don’t count!

Of course, the two vital organs I’m referring to are the brain and the heart.  The brain is the computerized engine of the body and the heart provides the fuel.  If those two organs aren’t functioning properly the other 3 can’t either.  Death is inevitable.

So it is with you being an awesome leader.

All great leaders have minds that are open to alternative views and considering all options.

Furthermore, awesome leadership requires a compassionate heart. 

People respond most effectively and dramatically from what they feel coming from the heart of their leader.  They want to know you care!

The four examples of failed leaders I have referenced all suffered from closed minds and lacking in compassion to one degree or another.

You want to be an awesome leader?  Open your mind and also feel compassion in your heart.

Here is a great article to help you train yourself to be more open minded.

If developing more compassion is what stands between you and being an awesome leader, here is a fabulous article on ways to train yourself in being more compassionate.


What is the most important initial step you can take in becoming an awesome leader?  Why do you feel that way and how will understanding why help you in improving your leadership skills.

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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