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2 Ways to Taste More of the Full Flavor of Success

Have you ever had any reason to consider what would be synonyms for the words, taste and full flavor?  Maybe the title of this article will give you some inspiration in that regard.

First, consider the word, taste.  Briefly, the usual definition is something like…the sensation of flavor perceived in your mouth.

Some of the more frequently recognized synonyms are:  palatableness; savoriness; zest; tang; wallop.

Then there is the phrase, full flavor.  The term usually relates to the quality of something you can taste.

Synonyms for “full flavor” include:  flavorsome; palatable; savory; scrumptious, to name a few.

So—where am I going with all this?

Well, I’ve used the metaphor of taste and full flavor concerning the experience of achieving success. And…I continued the metaphoric reference in the description of this article:  The recipe to create the taste of awesome success includes two ingredients to enhance the savory flavor of failure.

Your “recipe” for finding out what the two ingredients are to enhance the “palatableness,” “savoriness,” “zest,” “tang,” and “wallop,” of failure is to watch the following video where they are revealed.  I assure you the experience will be “flavorsome,” palatable,” “savory,” and “scrumptious.”

When are you going to savor the 2 ways to taste more of the full flavor of success?

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