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3 Absolutely Critical Things to Actually Achieving Excellence

Remember when you were a kid standing on the shore of a pond or lake and your first reaction was to find a rock?  Not just any rock, mind you!  The best were the ones that were relatively flat and very smooth.

Of course the first thing you did when you found that perfect rock was to bend over at the waist…get the flat sides of the rock positioned in your throwing hand…wind-up your arm…and spin the flat side of the rock out from between your thumb and forefinger out onto the surface of the water.


The flat side of the rock hit the surface of the water perfectly.  It seemed to skip across the water almost forever.  Every time it skipped it created a delightful ripple effect rolling out from the point of impact.

Doesn’t get much better than that when you’re a kid, right?  My bet is you probably do the same thing as an adult.  I know I do!   :<)

Here’s the irony behind that little recall of the glee in creating repetitive ripples across the surface of water.

You have to approach achieving excellence in your life with the vision of those ripples in your mind’s eye.

Excellence doesn’t happen as the result of a singular effort. 

It happens through the repetitive application of 3 critical factors from which the ripple effect over time will be the achieving of excellence.

00185224Knowledge is the Tsunami of all Ripples to Excellence

Remember that first wave of the ripples created when your flat rock hit the water?  It was the biggest one, wasn’t it?  From the point of impact and outward the ripples got smaller and smaller.

Well, knowledge is the way you create that first big ripple (the tsunami) to achieving excellence.  The power of knowledge is your splash point.  It’s your point of entry into building the ripple effect necessary to achieving excellence.

One result of growing intellectually…the acquisition of knowledge…is the overcoming of fear.  Learning enough, through reading, listening, watching and study, about what you have to do to live your life to the fullest will give you the great courage to do just that.

As human beings we all avoid what we fear.  We fear the unknown.  Therefore, we avoid the unknown.  I don’t know who first expressed those thoughts but I do know they are as accurate and relevant today as when first spoken.

What is stupid about our fear of the unknown is, by definition, we don’t even know what we fear!  But, the less you know the more you fear.  Conversely, the more you know the less you fear.

The content of books (all kinds of books), CDs, videos, etc.  is nourishment for the human soul.  Your acquisition of knowledge is potentially one of the greatest gifts this life has to offer.  Read!  Listen!  Watch!  Lots!  AND, the ripple effect will be a tsunami of excellence.

swimming-822036_1920Skills are the Zinger behind More Ripples to Excellence

Back to you on the shore of that pond or lake skipping a rock and creating those beautiful ripples.  As you stand there you have the “knowledge” of what you want to do.  As we’ve learned, knowledge is critical to achieving excellence.

Here’s the zinger, though.  Knowledge applied without understanding how to apply it is worse than not having the knowledge in the first place.

The HOW can otherwise be defined as the skills necessary to your achieving excellence.

The point is you can’t expect to maximize your potential at achieving excellence in anything, including skipping a rock, without having honed your skills.

So, when you know what you need to do to achieve the excellence you desire, your next step is to define all the skills necessary to actually achieving that excellence.  Then, honing those skills and there is only one way to do that…practice, practice, practice!

If you don’t believe that, read this article to reinforce your understanding.  It will further show you why skills are the zinger behind more ripples to excellence.

child-541908_1920Effort is the Creator of all Ripples to Excellence

All that said, excellence is never born from inaction!  You can know everything and understand all the necessary skills but if you don’t put forth quality effort you won’t achieve anything—let alone excellence.

Those ripples you created by skipping that rock across the pond didn’t happen only because you knew what to do and how to do it.  The beauty of that rock skipping perfectly ultimately was dependent upon you knowledgeably and skillfully putting forth the effort.

No effort…no ripples.  No ripples…no excellence.

Think about the idea of putting forth effort in a little different way to reinforce my point.  How many times have you stood on the shore of that lake (or any other body of water for that matter) we’ve been recalling and wondered about the mysteries of its depths?

The only way to find out is to jump in and get fully immersed in it.action-16742_1920

Achieving excellence in life is the same.

You can choose to stand on the shore of life and wonder about the potential of its mysteries.  Or, you can jump in and become fully immersed in pushing the mysteries aside and creating the ripple effect of realizing your life’s true potential.

Knowledge, skills, effort are the 3 absolutely critical things to actually achieving excellence.

How are you going to start your ripple effect toward excellence?  Which key thing are you going to begin working on first?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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