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3 Important Decisions to Actually Achieve Wonderful Dreams

So…you haven’t been out to dinner for weeks.  Finally everything comes together where you can get away from the house for a few hours and enjoy someone else’s cooking for a change.

Eating at a restaurant rather than my own cooking can be a dream come true!  If you had ever tasted my cooking you would know why!!!  :<)

Anyway…I digress.  This is about you and having a “dream” meal out!

Really…to achieve having that restaurant meal requires you to make the same 3 decisions for achieving any dream.  The point is you have to take an action to decide!

Your problem, however, may be a lack of understanding of what decisions have to be made.  Achieving dreams doesn’t just happen by accident!

Living your dreams takes three progressive decisions.


For every dream to become a reality you have to know exactly why achieving the dream is important.  Your passion necessary to drive you toward your dream is born from understanding your “why.”

Consider what the word, why, means.  One formal definition is:  “for what cause, reason, or purpose.”  Let’s put that definition to work to add clarity to the importance of having belief in achieving your dream.

Your belief in your dream has to be so powerful you see achieving it as a cause.  Understanding why achieving your dream is important to you gives you an emotional reason to make the effort.  Finally, having both the cause and reason behind your dream gives you visceral purpose in achieving it.

Belief in your dream is your first decision.  Without it, the next two decisions become irrelevant.


While achieving your dreams can be helped by having belief in them, you will still face many challenges along the way.  Those challenges will inevitably demand you keep pressing forward and not allow them to stop you.

To put that another way, no dream was ever achieved without persisting through roadblocks thrown up along the path to your dreams.

As reinforcement, this short article provides some legendary examples of overcoming adversity to achieve dreams.

At the challenge of each adversity, your second decision is to persist.


Having belief and exercising persistent effort will give you the basis for stretching to rise to the level of your dreams.

Dreams are always of something beyond where you currently are.  By definition, then, you must stretch and keep stretching until your dreams are achieved.

Remember when you were a kid and playing with a rubber band.  At first you may have just twisted and examined the rubber band in your hand.  Then, you began to experiment with holding the rubber band in both hands and you realized you could stretch it out.

Of course you now realized a new possibility with the rubber band.  You placed one end of it over the tip of one of your index fingers.  Next you grasped the other end between the thumb and index finger of your other hand and began stretching it.

Amazingly, while stretching the rubber band, it slipped from the grasp of your index finger and thumb and shot across the room!

What was an inert object in your hand had been stretched and reached a destination beyond your hand.

So it is for you and reaching your dreams.

Your third decision is to use your belief and persistence to stretch yourself from current reality to arriving at another destination…your dreams.

3 important decisions—belief, persistence, stretching—and your dreams will come true.b2ap3_thumbnail_7K0A0079-800x533

When are you going to decide to make those 3 decisions and take appropriate action?

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