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3 Keys Will Make You Get It Off Your Mind and Get More Done

It is miserable, isn’t?  You can’t get it off your mind and get done what you need to get done!  Sleep for example!

The fact is not being able to get something off your mind so you can get something else done can negatively impact all aspects of your life…not just sleep.

I mean—even classic literature refers to the immobilizing misery of not being able to get something off one’s mind.

For example, take a passage out of The Odyssey:

“As the dun nightingale, daughter of Pandareus, sings in the early spring from her seat in shadiest covert hid, and with many a plaintive trill pours out the tale how by mishap she killed her own child Itylus, son of king Zethus, even so does my mind toss and turn in its uncertainty whether I ought to stay with my son here, and safeguard my substance, my bondsmen, and the greatness of my house, out of regard to public opinion and the memory of my late husband, or whether it is not now time for me to go with the best of these suitors who are wooing me and making me such magnificent presents.”

Whether it is Pandareus’ daughter, Aedon, or you, the solution is the same.  Appropriate action against that which is dwelling on your mind can put your mind at rest so you can get done what needs to get done!

So, how do you do that?

There are lots of ways but here is what I think are the top 3 actions you can take.

Get Some Oxygen to Your Brain

The simple act of breathing can totally change your mindstate.  A friend of my, Peggy Sealfon, is a big proponent of the power of breathing exercises to help get things off your mind.

Here is one thought she expressed in that regard in her book, Escape from Anxiety.

“Breathe slowly and allow yourself to be completely absorbed in the sound of your breathing.  Thoughts will come; as they do, let them go.  Let them float away. Continue to return focus on your breath.”

Here is the point…there is plenty of science out there confirming the human brain can’t effectively multi-task.  The science would confirm when trying to multi-task the brain will force you to slow down each task and/or the quality of the effort directed at the task will negatively impact the outcome.

So…as it relates to getting something off your mind so you can get something done focus on one thing—your breathing.

It will create a breath of fresh air wafting through your brain that will help you reset your mindstate on getting the important stuff done.

Do More with Less

It’s a busy world out there.  I can hear you sighing with agreement.      :<)

It can be overwhelming, can’t it.  In fact, you can’t seem to get all those things you have to do off your mind.

I’ve got an idea for you in that regard.  Eliminate some of those things from the stream of burden you may call your to-do list.smartphone-570507_1920

Take a hard look at that list!  Truth be told anything that has been on the list for several days (but for sure those that have been there for several weeks) will probably never get done.

Think about it!  If they are not important enough to have taken some substantive action already, they are not important enough to continue dwelling on your mind.

If it makes you feel better not to literally cross them off your list, make a “Won’t Do” list and move on.  Get the things that are really important done because you have created a more manageable list.

Think:  The less I force on my mind the more I can focus my mind.  Focus is the secret sauce to being able to take appropriate action.

Move to Motivate

When things are overwhelmingly weighing on your mind. The worst thing you can do is curl up in a fetal position and wallow in your misery.

Move your body and you clear your mind.

  • Take a walk in the park and feel the connection of everything around you, including the people.
  • Commune with nature and let it heal your soul.
  • Go to the gym and let the burn of your working muscles fry the overwhelming thoughts on your mind.
  • TV is not an action sport!  If anything, it is a disquieting source of non-productive stimulus to your brain.  Watch less and do more!

In short, get up and move and the drain in your brain will be cathartic.

Come on!

Do the above 3 things and get things off your mind so you can do more rewarding things with it.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat’s weighing on your mind?  What one thing will you do to clear that weight?

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