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3 Reasons Interrupting Yourself is Absolutely Dangerous

You see it all the time on TV news shows.  Someone is giving their view on a topic and the anchor person or fellow panel discussion contributor interrupts the person in mid-thought.  How does that make you feel?

For me, at a minimum I cringe at the absolute act of rudeness.  Common sense says if one listens, more learning and understanding takes place.

With greater understanding of another person’s point of view comes the potential for a much more powerful counter argument to whatever is being discussed.

There is a parallel, here, to the problem of you interrupting yourself at the wrong time.  When you do that, it is exactly like the above example.  You are being rude to your own intelligence and certainly your future potential.

Either way, interrupting yourself can negatively impact your mindstate.

Your mindstate is the driver of all your thinking and behavior/actions.  The more positive your mindstate the more positive everything else is in your life.

So, why is interrupting your positive mindstate so dangerous?

REASON #1:  It takes you out of flow

I know you, like all of us; have experienced the power of your stream of consciousness.  You are in the middle of something and you are totally focused on it.  It’s almost as if the rest of the world doesn’t even exist.

In that state of mind, time flies and you are having fun, as they say.  The progress you are making on whatever it is you are doing is astounding.  Everything is clicking along like clockwork!

It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Then, some irritating (and, in your mind totally unnecessary) interruption sucks you back to reality.  You are totally diverted and you even forget where you are in the process.  Furthermore, when you finally do get back to what you were doing, it takes you a lot of time to get yourself back on track.

Your mindstate sinks from positive to a deep frustration.  As a result the accompanying thinking and actions take a hit.

Here’s one idea to minimize the negative impact of being interrupted.

First, accept that annoying interruptions are a fact of life.  You can’t necessarily control them from happening but you can control how you handle them.

Then, when an interruption does occur quickly jot down what your current thought is or action you were taking.  Doing so won’t stop the interruption but it will help you get back on track much more quickly.

Having made note of where you are in the moment of the interruption, you are now better prepared to deal with it.  Your mindstate won’t “tank” because you know you have controlled the interruption to your advantage.

REASON #2:  It creates doubt

Doubt is the killer of dreams.  When you allow doubt to interrupt you, your mindstate begins to slide from the positive.

Positive thinking and actions are what drive positive results in your life.  Positive thinking and doubt do not go hand-in-hand.  You can’t have one when you are experiencing the other.

Here’s what to do to minimize the risk of doubt interrupting your mindstate.

Focus on all the things you have done successfully and pull your consciousness back to the task at hand.  With that positive surge of thinking, recognize why you started your current activity and use that passion to your advantage to stay focused.

…this brings me to the next danger in interrupting yourself

REASON #3:  You don’t act…you react

When you allow an interruption to totally hijack your mindstate, you are reacting to it rather than controlling the situation.  You can’t continue to act because you have thrown yourself into a reactive mindstate.

The result will inevitably create a negative outcome or at best less of a positive outcome than could have been the case.  An emotional reaction is never as good as a disciplined and positive action.

One way of avoiding an emotional reaction is suggested under the first subtitle in this post.  Here’s a great article with some additional tips.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is one thing you will do to avoid interrupting yourself so you can be, do or have all that you desire?

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