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3 Reasons Like or Dislike Absolutely Is Not the Question

Did you see or hear all the “hoopla” over the debate going on within Facebook headquarters over adding a “Dislike” option in addition to the current “Like” button?

Yikes!  It certainly has stirred up a broader debate out there in cyberspace.  Here’s a link to one view expressed about the situation

Interestingly, as I read the opinions discussed in the article, I realized the question may not really be about Like or Dislike.

It is not my purpose to dive into that debate in this post.  Rather, it is to use it to get you thinking about your likes and dislikes and how they can impact your mood.

Think about it…you are faced with having to do something you dislike intensely.  Such a circumstance can drive your mood into the feeling like being in the dark shadows of a Transylvanian castle.  Cold, dank, miserable, even scary!

Why are you driven to such a mindstate when you intensely dislike something? The answer lies in the meaning of dislike.  Why wouldn’t your mood suffer a negative hit when you are faced with a situation or choice that creates distaste or even hostility in your mind!  It’s human nature.

However, there is an even bigger issue here.  Your mood (mindstate) affects your thinking and actions.  If your thinking is negative, your actions will take on negative characteristics.  The reverse scenario is also true!

Considering all this, how do you think your “Transylvanian castle” mindstate will affect your pursuit of success?

Well, rather than dwelling on your inevitable answer to the above question let’s focus on what is really important here and a solution to this very human issue.

When it comes to your pursuit of success and the impact of your mindstate on that pursuit, you must recognize the question can never be about your likes and dislikes.  Why?

In every successful pursuit, you have to be willing to accept all the challenges that come your way.  In other words the question as to how you will respond to the challenges can never be whether you like or dislike a particular challenge.

There are 3 reasons why this is always the case.

Let’s illustrate the first reason by reflecting on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  That’s a very popular thing to do for many people from all over the world.  But, to exalt in the euphoria of standing at the apex of this iconic mountain requires pushing through many distasteful and hostile things.

Examples:  bitter cold: oxygen deprivation; nausea; physical danger of falling, etc.  Don’t believe me?

But, for those who want to experience that exaltation they must be willing to face and overcome the above “dislikes.”  They can’t just “like” the feeling of reaching the top.  They have to overcome the “dislikes” to getting there.  They can’t avoid those or the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is totally out of reach!

Now, your challenges to reaching what you define as success may not be as great as a Kilimanjaro climb.  The fact is though the question in getting there can’t be about your likes or dislikes.  You have to accept both!

The second reason successfully pursuing your dreams can never be about likes or dislikes has to do with your passion.

Yes, you can be just as passionate about the things you dislike versus those you like.  However, to achieve success your passion for achieving it has to be greater than your passion for the dislikes in getting there.  Your passion for success must overwhelm your feeling of dislike for some of the challenges.

Finally, your likes and dislikes can never enter into the question of achieving success because allowing your dislikes to control your mindstate dramatically limits your potential.  Your potential is your capacity to become something greater/better in the future.  Allowing your dislikes to override your mindstate puts a major pall over your future which brings us full circle back to the first reason noted above.

In everything you want to be, do or have, spend more time on how you are going to overcome the dislikes.  Your likes will compel you but your dislikes, if out of control, will stop you.

The answer to overcoming you dislikes is always in knowing, understanding and deeply feeling why you want to be, do or have something.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is the most important of your “dislikes” holding you back?  What specifically are you going to do to overcome it?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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