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3 Things a Great Leader Must Absolutely See to Reach a Vision

How many times have you developed an idea of where you would like to be at some point in time in the relatively near future?  Then—when you got to that point in time you were not where you wanted to be.

It was like the idea you had never came into clear view and so never materialized.

That’s the way it was for Christopher Columbus.  When he set sail from Spain all those centuries ago, he wanted to find a western route to the Far East.  Of course he actually stumbled upon on the Americas.

He never found a western route to the Far East…a vision that never materialized.

His vision suffered the same fate as yours for the same reasons.  If you and he were to follow the 3 things necessary to reach any vision the history of the world and the results in your world would be totally different.

Know How to Get There

Your challenge for this requirement to reach any vision is to absolutely know the route forward.  For Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the way to Oz was clearly marked.  All she had to do was “follow the yellow brick road!”

Your vision will never come into focus as easily because the route can’t be planned by someone else.  You’re not Dorothy in a fairy tale to put it bluntly! ☺

So…for you to know how to get there you have to see the vision you want to achieve as Dorothy in her mind’s eye could see the shining city of Oz even before she got there.

With that picture firmly fixed in your mind, you have to build your own “yellow brick road” to it.  In other words, you have to build your road map to the vision.map-312213_1280

A vision comes into clear focus because you can see the clear path to get there.  It’s called a detailed plan of action.

Follow the Path to Get There

In the Wizard of Oz, you know exactly what happened when Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and The Scarecrow found the “yellow brick road.”  They clicked their heels together in a little dance and started down the road.

It’s the same for you in reaching your vision.  You have to refer to your detailed plan and just as enthusiastically “click your heels together” and take the first step you built into it.

To put that another way, you have to actually “go the way” you charted in your plan.  The vision seen will never become the vision achieved without taking all the necessary actions to get there.

Your enthusiasm for taking the first step is driven by why you want to achieve your vision.  Passion for the vision gives you purpose for achieving it.the-wizard-of-oz-516687_1280

Don’t look for Oz when you don’t clearly know WHY you want to get there!

Show Others the Way to Get There

And…then, there is the third thing you need to reach your vision.  As you may recall from Dorothy’s experiences in reaching Oz she didn’t do it alone.  It took a whole lot of help!

Part of that help was guiding her friends to see why reaching Oz would be of direct benefit to each of them individually.  The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow all had their own reasons for wanting to get to Oz and she helped them understand that.

It was that individual —yet mutual—commitment that drove them all toward the vision.

It is exactly the same for you in reaching your vision.  For whatever support you need from other people, you need to be able to show them the way.

When showing them the power of achieving the vision, they have to be able to see it from their own self-interest.  It is that powerful self-interest that will drive each player forward in a synergistic team effort toward the common interest…Your Vision.businessman-893492_1920

Your job in meeting this requirement to reaching any vision is to not tell your people what the vision is.  It is to touch them with your passion for the vision in a way that fires their passion for the vision.

If your people can’t feel your vision in a visceral way, they will not be able to help you get there.  Remember…Dorothy and her friends all pursued the route to Oz together because they had a personal reason to get there.

For those of you who need an even more detailed understanding around this whole topic here is a link to a brief, yet powerful article to help you build a business vision.  If your challenge is building a personal vision statement here are some more ideas on doing that.

We started out on this little journey to your understanding of the 3 things a great leader must absolutely see to reach a vision by using Christopher Columbus as a metaphor.  Then, we followed Dorothy down “the yellow brick road” as a metaphor for how you avoid not ever achieving your vision, as was the case for Columbus.

Now it is your turn to “click your heels.”ballet-151846_1280

What is the first thing you will do to get to the “Oz” of your vision?

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