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3 Ways to Absolutely Insult Yourself

He’s still alive and kicking and he’s made a fortune out of insulting other people.  Ironically, you could say he has also made a very full life.

I refer to “Mr. Warmth” himself, Don Rickles.  Even though his stock in trade was insulting people he had hilarious comedic timing.  Consequently, he is an entertainment icon.

However, I can’t recommend you try to build a full life around insulting people…most especially yourself!

Don Rickles has gotten away with it for decades.  You, however, must presume you do not have the comedic timing to save yourself from the downside of receiving constant insulting abuse from yourself.

Your reality is the same as for all of us.  You are what you know; how you apply that knowledge; and, as a result how you think and act.

You cannot become all you can be, do or have, by insulting your way there.  The toll of the constant negativity will drag your thinking down into the sewer of life rather than up to the pinnacle of success.

Let’s look at three ways you can absolutely insult yourself into that sewer and then figure out how you can plug the drain.


The ultimate form of insult to yourself is to put yourself at a disadvantage from the get-go by totally lacking belief in yourself.badges-298471_1280

I ask you—How can you become all you want to be, do or have, if you don’t have belief you deserve it?

If you accept defeat before you get started, you have “won” your own loss!

The irony of Don Rickles abusive insults was the very people he insulted loved the limelight he put them.  They knew and understood it was all in good fun!

You don’t have that luxury when you constantly insult yourself through lack of belief.  It’s not “all in good fun!”

Lose the loser mentality and you become a winner in life.

First, add up all the things that make you unique.

Second, define how you can help others by applying your uniqueness

Third, list all the reasons why you can be gratified by the results of the above first and second steps.

Fourth, develop a Personal Belief Statement from all you learn from the first three steps.

Fifth, use the Personal Belief Statement as a positive affirmation by reciting it to yourself three times per day.


I’m not talking about committing a crime here!  :<)afraid-19086_1920

Rather, I’m talking about being dedicated to your cause/purpose…whatever you want to call it.  THAT can be scary to say the least when in fact you insult yourself by being faithless regarding your purpose(s).

Consider the example of America’s first failure in governing itself.  The guiding document for governing was the Articles of Confederation.

The document was drafted to serve the dedication of the American people in wanting to govern themselves.  Unfortunately, as the nation began to govern itself using the tenets of the Articles its inadequacies drove a fear to commit to it for the long term.

The succeeding document, The Constitution of the United States of America, has long sense overcome any fear of commitment to living by it.  That fear was overcome because people believed in it.

The reality is by completing the above steps in the” I’m a Loser” section of this post you will have identified some purpose(s) for your life you can believe in.

Now, it is a matter dedicating yourself to meeting your purpose(s)…AKA being committed to it.


The third way to absolutely insult yourself is through compromising on your commitments.golf-881330_1920

How many times have you seen it in the real world?  Somebody says they are going to do something and they do or have done exactly the opposite.

Some great examples in the public arena follow:

George H. W. Bush:  “Read my lips.  No new taxes!”  Of course, taxes were raised.

William J. Clinton:  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”  Of course, he had sex with “that woman.”

George W. Bush:  “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”  Of course, no such weapons were ever found.

I would cite other examples rather than of politicians but the current political season drove me to it!  :<)

Regardless of the source, these examples graphically illustrate compromising on previous commitments.  The backstory on each would also demonstrate highly negative outcomes as a result of the compromised integrity of those involved.

The bottom-line for you insulting yourself on this one is, don’t do it!  Even good intentions without appropriate action are an insult to your integrity.

So, you say you want to be the best you can be, then…believe in yourself; don’t fear committing; and follow-through on your commitments.

How will you avoid insulting yourself in the future?

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