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3 Ways to Efficiently and Effectively Absolutely Succeed in Life

It’s a play that is not currently being performed on Broadway in New York.  But…since it first opened on “The Great White Way” back in 1961 it has had many iterations!

The reason is probably because the story really is about “rags to riches,” in a way.  The hero sets his sights on rising from a lowly window washer position all the way to the top of the corporate ladder.

The title of the play is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Over the years the play received rave reviews.  In fact, the first version of the play that opened in 1961 had over 1,400 performances before closing!

It’s a lovely musical romp up the corporate ladder but even “Ponty” Finch, the hero, understands you don’t succeed at anything without really trying.

The challenge you have in really succeeding in your life is to gain the same understanding of what it takes as “Ponty” Finch.

It you don’t.  You won’t…putting it bluntly!

The good news is there is a very efficient and effective way to absolutely guarantee your success in life.  You must apply the following 3 ways of “trying.”

Define your Heroes or Heroines

Before delving into this way of progressing toward success let’s make sure we are clear about what a hero or heroine is.

Neither has to be some military type who did amazing things and sacrificed his or her life for the cause.

No…a hero/heroine (by the basic definition) certainly is a brave person…but, that is just one of the qualities that can define your heroes or heroines.

For our purposes here, the key is more about having qualities that you greatly admire.  Those qualities could be things like integrity, honor, persistence, education, etc.

If you struggle with defining a short list of your heroes/heroines, here is one source to help stimulate your thinking.

Here is why this way of progressing toward success is so important to you.

If you haven’t defined people whom you admire, you haven’t defined the qualities you need to succeed.

Which brings us to the next way of absolutely succeeding in your life…

Mold from your Models

Success can’t be copied!  You are unique in the entire world so you have to seek your own unique success in that world.

That doesn’t mean you can’t adapt the characteristics or skills of those you see as models of what you would like to achieve in life.

The key word in the previous sentence is adapt.  Take what you see in your heroes/heroines as characteristics/skills you admire and mold them into who you are.  In short, you can’t succeed as another person.

The extension of that thought is the greatest of all successes is maintaining your authenticity. 

I like what this article says about the importance of authenticity and maybe its information will help you follow the “mold from your models” way to success.

Accelerate your Experience

Absolutely succeeding in your life has lots of unknowns in getting there but the greatest unknown is how long you have.

You can control a lot of things in your pursuit of success but not the amount of time you have to achieve it.

Translation—Get after it and get after it with gusto and all due speed!

One of the most efficient and effective ways you can live the above mantra is through creating mentor relationships.

There is an old truism:  “Training accelerates experience.”

Finding and learning from mentors is the premier method for living by that truism.  When you have a deep and trusting relationship where you can depend on the advice and training of the other person in that relationship, you have a mentor.

The prime consequence of that mentoring relationship will be gaining accelerated perspective from the experiences of the mentor.  The broadened perspective accelerates your progress toward success.

Here’s a cheat sheet for understanding more fully why having great mentors will accelerate you experience and progress toward succeeding in your life.

Using the above 3 ways to efficiently and effectively, absolutely succeed in life is a progression.  In other words, 1, 2, 3.budapest-78444

Who are your heroes/heroines?  What can you adapt from their model?  Who is the first person (mentor) you are going to ask to help you accelerate your experience?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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