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4 Absolutely Easy Ways You Can Succeed Without Winning

Success is not about winning something at the expense of something or someone else!

Unfortunately, some people think so but, in my opinion, they could not be more wrong and this post is going to prove that.

I’ll begin with the message conveyed in Robert Frost’s awesome poem, The Road Not Taken.  The essence of his message is you always have the choice of an alternate route and it may in fact be a highly rewarding one.

Or, there is the visual message conveyed in the image at the top of this post.  The crossroads depicted would clearly confirm there are four different routes you could take away from it.

And, so it is with the idea of success.  There is not only one route to success defined only as winning!

Let’s look at four of them.  Hopefully, that will be enough evidence to spur you on to finding many, many more.

As I say in the description of the post, if winning were the only way to succeed, success would be impossible.

Case in point…both of the young women in the video I’ve linked to finished dead last in their race.  You can’t tell me both aren’t successful just because they only finished the race!  Success is truly more about finishing what you start.

If you don’t quit, you can always claim some form of success.  There’s something and you just have to look for it!

Finishing what you start…one road to success other than winning.

There is another road to success shown in that video.  You can’t tell me the girl who stopped to help her competitor cross the finish line is not successful!

Yes, she finished last but she succeeded in so many other ways.  Ways like caring; helping others; and encouraging others.

Caring, helping, encouraging…one road to success other than winning.

Or, how about the idea of staying true to who you are and your values as another easy way to success?  You can’t tell me the girl who stopped to help is not successful in that regard.

She struggled through the whole event and probably was embarrassed she was going to come in last.  However, she threw the embarrassment aside because she stayed true to her values one of which would seem to be…help someone out even at your own expense.

Staying true to your values…one road to success other than winning.

This fourth easy way you can succeed without winning can also be illustrated by the young women in the video.

For the girl that stopped to help near the finish line, this race followed one in which she had participated earlier in the track meet.  In terms of finishing in first place, she won that previous race and stood proudly on the podium to receive her just reward.

Some would say she should have quit while she was ahead!  Those that would say that again are dead wrong.

The girl had committed to her team and coach a particular level of participation during the track meet.  She would not have shown a lot of respect and appreciation for them if she had not followed-through on that commitment.

No…that would not have been the right thing to do.  So she showed up and gave it her best.  You can’t tell me she is not successful in that regard!

Showing up and doing the best you can…one road to success other than winning.

Are the four ways we have discussed to succeeding other than by winning really that hard to understand?  I suggest when you really think about each of them they are easy to understand!   If you were to practice them it would be easy for you to feel like and be a raging success.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is your favorite way of succeeding without winning?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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