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4 Simple Necessities Before Success Is Actually Possible

Probably nothing reinforces a message better than a song with stirring lyrics and sung to perfection.  I say that because it would seem music is truly a universal language.  It moves people from all walks of life throughout the world in very similar ways.  If the human race can’t unite in any other way, it seems to be able to through music.

You might think I’m totally off topic but trust me!  I couldn’t be more on point.  I guess I should explain myself!  ☺

Far too many people struggle with the whole concept of succeeding in life.  There are lots of reasons why people struggle and the crux of the problem, in my opinion, is not understanding what success really means for them.  It is some vague thing out there in life and people hope it will happen to them.

No wonder people don’t succeed!  Success is something to be earned…not something to be received without having put forth significant effort.  It doesn’t come to you!  You have to go to it!

Bottom-line—If you can’t dream it; plan it; believe it; and act on it, then you can’t have it!

Let’s dig into those 4 simple necessities to your success.  You can achieve them, you know!


If you are to make success a reality in your life, the first necessity is a dream.  You have to have a vision of something bigger than you are right now…that, my friend, is exactly what a dream is.

A meaningful and powerful dream is created from the depths of your soul because it is stirred by your passion.  I’ve said it before.  A dream without passion is just a wish.

I encourage you to listen to the lyrics of this song sung by Celine Dion to help you find your passion.

Now, you know why I began this post mentioning the power of music.


Leverage your passion by building a plan to give it direction.  Passion without a defined path to its purpose is just random emotion.

Your objective in building a plan to reach your dream is to direct your passion and sustain your move forward.  I give you specific steps you can take to build an effective plan and realize your dream in my book, Life’s Ride or Fall…You Make the Call.

However, I don’t want to be totally self-serving.  My objective is really not to sell my book.  It’s to help you build a plan to lead you to your dream.  Here’s another resource that will help you in that regard, as well.


Neither of the first two necessities to success will be worth your time if you don’t have this third one.

On the other hand, I am convinced if you do a great job with the first and second necessity you will be able to truly believe in your dream.  Believing in yourself and your dream is, therefore, the third necessity to achieving success.

Think about it…you know you have had experiences in your life where the outcome wasn’t what you thought you wanted.  My bet is in almost every one of those instances you didn’t really believe you deserved the outcome or in the real value to you in having the desired outcome.

Believing in something is when you feel sure of having it even before you do!

Consider these thoughts on the power of believing and then believe you can succeed at anything.


By now, you should have a dream, a plan for realizing it, and you believe you can achieve it.  Congratulations!

Oh…I forgot!  No dream comes true by only thinking about it.  No plan ever works by only building it.  No belief is ever real because you think it.

Your actions define your outcomes.  Don’t believe it?  Take a look at some these thoughts.

Have a dream; plan for achieving it; believe in it; and act on it…4 simple necessities before success is actually possible.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are you going to do to make those things you wish for actually dreams that have come true?

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