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4 Valuable Thoughts You May Want to Think About

If you’re into Chinese Numerology, you may not like the idea of “4 Valuable Thoughts” as mentioned in the title of this article.  Why?

Well, some Chinese believe there is a yin and yang to numbers.  As a consequence, they see some numbers as good and others as bad.

I won’t go into it any deeper except to say the number, 4, can be considered bad.  In fact, in Cantonese four sounds like death!  That’s the worst it gets…the least negative attached to 4 is the image of a cloudy day.

Okay…so the number, 4, can have some negative connotations attached to it.  My purpose in using it in this article is to positively impact your thinking, however.

If you take the suggestions included in each of the 4 thoughts, the improved quality of your thinking should help improve the quality of your life.


  1.  YOU WISH!

You wish it were different.

You wish life wasn’t so hard.

You wish for your greater success.

You wish you had a better job.

You wish you had more money.

You wish you had more talent.

You wish you had better relationships in your life.

You wish you would win the lottery.

You wish people would leave you alone.

You wish people would talk to you.

You wish there was less strife and misery in the world.

In general, you wish this…you wish that! You can’t wish your way to anything in life. You have to face your challenges with a resolve to learn how to overcome them and then do it.

Nobody but nobody can do it for you. It’s a fact of life…quit wishing it was otherwise! Someone once said:

 “Wishing consumes as much energy as planning.”

Adding to that thought, it is as Rosalyn Sussman Yalow said:

“We must believe in ourselves or no one else will believe in us; we must match our aspirations with the competence, courage and determination to succeed.” By the sheer fact and force of your humanity, you can plan and then change things in your life and in this world. It is the miracle of your individual being that by default provides you “the competence, courage and determination to succeed.”

Just as the light of a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals a shimmering lake so you can push back the darkened boundaries of humankind through the light of your dreams. Don’t wish…believe!palette-1482678_1920


It’s amazing to me the number of people I see or meet on a daily basis who clearly don’t seem to connect with the impact they have on other people. It’s as if they live in a world of gray and they add to the effect.

They don’t see themselves through their personal presence, actions and interactions as needing to add any color to the picture. Are they thinking, Take me as I am! I can take it!? Well, frankly, I can’t take it because each human being is entirely too important in being and potential contribution.

We should look at ourselves as master artists creating the portrait of our lives and painting them into an integral part of the landscape of our world. A world that is a masterpiece created from the legacy of the lives within it. There could be many levels to what I am talking about here but I want to focus on just one.

It has to do with your personal presence. Your body language communicates the majority of the picture you are painting when you are communicating any message to another person.

Facial expression, eye contact, body movement, gestures and posture provide the brushstrokes to give clarity, vibrancy, color and validity to the message you are painting. People throughout the world in all walks of life have a common attraction to beautiful works of art. Make sure your artistry adds to their experience and sense of wonder.



Life is an amazing thing from so many angles. Probably first and foremost is the absolute miracle of each of us as living, breathing human beings.

What I find even more astonishing than the miracle of our existence is the fact that many of us never maximize the potential of our individual miracle of life. We accept it as fact and kind of roll through our lives with mediocrity and, with a sense of disinterest. What’s the source of that malaise or disinterested mediocrity?

The answer is a simple one. Too many of us never search out those things in our life that create passion in our souls. We never take the risks necessary many times to find those sources of individual passion that can drive us beyond the mediocrity of disinterest. So if finding your passion is the key to full and rich life experiences, how do you find your sources of passion?

The answer is embodied in the following thought I recently had.

“No passion is born without a vision of something that is so clear it instills an emotional drive to achieve that vision. Conversely, no vision is ever achieved without passion.”

In summary, if you want to prompt the passion deep down in your soul, create a vision of something that drives a deep emotional desire to realize it.



If you imply that you know when you don’t know, the person to whom you are communicating will know that you don’t know. This is a direct confirmation of the old TV ad which stated, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

In this case, Mother Nature, is people’s intuition. The vast majority of people will know when you are blowing smoke. Your credibility is totally dependent on conducting yourself with integrity in all interactions with your family, friends, colleagues and the world, in general. Why take even the slightest risk of destroying that credibility?

The reality is once credibility is destroyed–usually in an instant of weakness–its reinstatement takes years, if ever. History is loaded with examples of destroyed lives in this regard. Don’t let yours be one of those! Recognize that sincerity and trust are the foundations to credible and powerful relationships. When you know that and you know you know it, people will know it about you too.

They will be drawn to you just as powerfully as the ocean tides are drawn to and from the shore by the forces of Mother Nature. You know what…that’s the truth!

garylogonewbrownsmallWhich of the 4 Thoughts made you think enough to take some specific action?  What is that action?

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