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5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Success

It could be more than 5 factors but these are the most important!

Don’t even think about being a success, if you haven’t defined what that means to you.  Let’s face it…you wouldn’t set out through the woods to grandma’s house without having some idea how to get there.  Well, the most important words in the previous sentence are grandma’s house.  Getting to grandma’s house is your definition of success in this situation.

If that example is true, why would you think you could succeed at anything else without having a clear picture of what “anything else” means to you? Here’s the rub…getting that clear picture…that definition of success.

Do this!  Recognize that success is not really a destination.  It is a journey that is driven by your passion for the desired outcome regarding something you want to be, do or have.  Find your passion and success becomes probable.

But, I said there are 5 factors that could affect your success…here’s the second one.  Your attitude is the fuel that drives the engine of your passion.  Think about attitude in this way.

If the gasoline in your car is not pure, your car’s engine will sputter and at best limp along toward your destination.  In a worst case scenario, the impurities in the gasoline can kill your engine and you never arrive where you want to go.

And, so it is with your attitude and success.  If your attitude isn’t positively pure at all times, your success is in question.  Success demands disciplined effort over some period of time.  A positive attitude is what commands that discipline.

The third factor that could affect your success is having a plan.   I mentioned above that you wouldn’t set out through the woods to grandma’s house without having some idea of how to get there.  “How to get there” is otherwise known as a plan!

Planning is pivotal to your success because it breaks-down your effort to succeed in bite-sized pieces.  A good plan makes the overwhelming looking goal reachable because your focus is on the little steps.  As the saying goes…”Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  It was built stone-by-stone and step-by-step over time and so is your success!

Speaking of Rome, “a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum.”  None of the above three factors really mean much toward your success if you don’t have knowledge of what it is you have to do.

Success demands you constantly grow your base of knowledge.  The pursuit of knowledge has to be a life-long effort because things change.  If you are not prepared for change, you have no chance at long-term success.  Change is managed through your body of knowledge.  With knowledge change becomes an opportunity rather than a challenge.

Finally, not only do you have to know what to do to succeed you have to know how.  In other words, you must acquire the necessary skills for success as you have defined it.  Only you can define what those skills need to be because it is you who is defining what your success will be.

Whatever the necessary skills, there is only one way to become efficient and effective at applying them.  Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

5 little-known factors to assuring your success:  define it; a positive attitude; a plan; building knowledge; and practicing necessary skills.  Effect your success through their use!


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