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5 Ways to Not Trip Up When Life Gets In the Way

Remember those classic slapstick comedies from days gone by?  The comedy was always silly, over the top and someone always seemed to get tripped up in one way or another.

The further you go back in time the more slapstick the comedy seems to get.  Here’s one example from the silent movie era.

Slapstick comedy was all in good fun and purely for entertainment.  However, your life can’t be lived in a “slapstick” way or you may get tripped up and never be able to achieve all you can be, do or have.  Surely, you wouldn’t see that result to be “all in good fun!”

To become all you can be in your life you must think in terms of being efficient and effective in every endeavor.  Putting that another way, you must challenge yourself to always be doing the right things at the right time so you get the right result.

Consider the following five ways to assure your efficiency and effectiveness.

Prioritizing Is a Priority

There are three things you always must consider when prioritizing any activity.

First, is to determine the importance of the particular activity relative to its impact on getting you where you want to be.

It may be important for you to go shopping today.  But…will the time sacrificed in that activity be as well spent as doing the strategic planning you need to get done so you can continue to move toward your key life goals?

Secondly, when prioritizing your activities, evaluate the estimated amount of time it will take to complete each task.  Doing so will help you to properly allocate the time you have in each day.

Finally, you have to discipline yourself to completing each task on a timely basis.  You do that my setting target dates/times for when each activity will be completed.

Trickle Time and Tasks

One of the more common deterrents to efficiency and effectiveness is a sense of overwhelm.  You’ve got so much to do you can’t seem to get started doing anything.

Rather than thinking about the overwhelming amount of time a particular task is going to take to complete…think…trickle.

All I’m saying here is to reduce everything you do into smaller chunks so you can “trickle” your way to their completion.  You will feel less of a sense of overwhelm and be more inspired to deal with each trickle rather than the whole gush of what you have to get done.

Too Many Is Too Much

We all think we are capable of doing multiple things at the same time.  That is a delusion!

The science behind the capacity of the human brain repeatedly confirms uni-tasking beats multi-tasking every time.

Why?  Because when the brain is taxed to do two things at once whatever is being attempted will get done more slowly and with less quality.  Don’t believe me.  This article does a good job of reinforcing my point.

Organize your priorities each day so you are able to do one thing at a time.  You will get more done and with better quality.

Not Perfect but Productive

Following on with the above ideas, your goal should be to do everything with your best effort.  Notice I didn’t say perfect effort.

There is no such thing as perfect and the more time you spend in trying to achieve it is that much more time wasted.

Yes, do quality work on a timely basis…but think “best effort” not “perfectly done.”

Lifestyle Looms Large

You can follow all the above suggestions and still not be as efficient and effective as you need to be.  Above all of those ideas are the choices you make regarding your lifestyle.

Three martini lunches are not only passé they are downright poisonous to your health.  Choose all things in moderation regarding your lifestyle whether that be diet, drinking, exercise, recreational downtime, etc.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to increase your creativity and productivity is choosing to take a power nap.

It shouldn’t be long or you will awake too groggy and listless so productivity is negatively impacted.  If you feel your energy flagging at some point in the day, kick back for 15-20 minutes.  You will be amazed at how rested and refreshed you will feel.three-stooges-516165_1280

So what specific action are you going to take to avoid approaching your efficiency and effectiveness in a slapstick way?

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