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6 Critical Warning Signs You Are Failing Miserably

Why would it be important for you to be aware of 6 critical warning signs of failure? We all know you have to fail repeatedly (in the real world) before you can succeed at anything. So, if that is the case, it would seem if you’re failing success is inevitable!


Why becomes apparent as you consider each sign.

Sign #1

Your life is one long moan. I hasten to add…not a moan of pleasure! No, I’m talking about the miserable moan that comes from a person wallowing in malaise.

Malaise is that terrible condition defined by one dictionary definition as a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being. Now, tell me that doesn’t sound miserable!

For purposes of this discussion, malaise never drives success. It is always a harbinger of failure.

There is only one way to lift yourself out of a state of malaise…find your purpose in life. That brings you to…

Sign #2

You have no purpose. You wonder from pillar to post in a zombie-like state as a result. Nothing is really that important to you.

Ever see those zombies (Walkers as they are called) wondering in the TV hit show, The Walking Dead? Not a pretty sight! Do you really want to wander through your life metaphorically looking and acting like them?

The only way you can ever be all you can be; do all you ever dreamed; and have all that you truly desire is through defining a purpose. In other words, you must feel deeply the reason you exist.

Here are three questions to get you started toward clearly defining your purpose in life.

  • What kinds of things in your life make you giddily happy?
  • What makes you cry with absolute joy?
  • What could be one thing out of what you discover in answering the first two questions that could give you a deeply emotional and immediate purpose?

Sign #3

You get only temporarily excited about a new opportunity in your life. It could otherwise be called “Shiny Object Syndrome.” You never finish anything you start!

Failure is always permanent when you don’t stick to what you say you’re going to do. Enough said! Here’s the solution!

You must have emotional connection to your purpose and the related goals to live that purpose. You can’t stand on the shore of miserable failure and expect the waves of success to lap at your feet. You have to dive in and catch those waves but taking such a risk requires deep emotional commitment.

You create emotional connection by intensely visualizing the rewards of success not the pain of paying the price for that success…not the pain if you fail.

As long as you keep catching the waves you can’t fail permanently. Yeah..you’ll fall off a wave now and then but as long as you catch the next one success is in your grasp.

Sign #4

You don’t look to the horizon yearning to see beyond it.

It’s true…too many people see the horizons in their lives as final destinations. Of course, that’s assuming they are even moved to make the effort to reach any horizon!

If you are not constantly striving toward new horizons, you are caught in the quicksand of mediocrity.

Don’t let your life pass you by in a total state of mediocrity. Fire up the boiler of your soul and create some steam of excitement.

You do that by following the suggestions I gave you under signs 2 and 3.

Sign #5

You see planning your success as a bigger pain than failing miserably. Oh, really!

Think about this…failing miserably consumes just as much energy as planning your success. So, why not expend that energy creating a plan to succeed?

You won’t feel miserable. You will feel exhilarated and fulfilled.

Here are some simple steps for creating and following a plan:

  • Clearly define what is driving you forward in your life. Write one or two sentences that captures the essence of that driving force…call it Your Summary of Purpose.
  • Clearly define what you see as your direction in life. Write one or two sentences that captures the essence of your view as you look to your distant horizons…call it Your View From the Top.
  • Clearly define what you must do as a person on a daily basis to live Your Summary of Purpose and ultimately realize Your View From the Top. Write several bullet points that capture the essence of those actions…call it Your Don’t Stop Do’s.
  • Clearly define how what you have developed as your essence in the three previous statements will benefit others. Write three to five words that capture the essence of those benefits…call it Your Relevance Ratification.
  • Don’t stop reviewing the above four steps on at least a weekly basis for the rest of your life.

Sign #6

You don’t appreciate the power of deep, personal relationships with other people.

Here’s a scientific point to confirm why this warning sign will lead you to being a miserable failure. Numerous studies of the human being all support that we are gregarious as a species. From the beginning of discernible time this has been true.

What does gregarious mean? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary’s definition would include things like: “tending to associate with others of one’s kind; marked by indicating a liking of companionship; of or relating to a social group.”

Do you see anything in that definition that supports trying to succeed through your singular efforts as being a successful approach?

Even the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, had something to say on the power of deep personal relationships. “Go to the people. Live with them, learn from them, love them.”

Those would seem to be the final words on what you need to do to overcome this warning sign.

Now, go back through this post and review each of the 6 warning signs. Then, answer the following question.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhich warning sign is your greatest challenge and what do you think you should do about it?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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