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8 Lessons on Perspective Confusing How You See Your World

Who hasn’t heard about the recent issue concerning Volkswagen manipulating the software programs measuring pollution from their diesel engines?

The stories have been spread all over the news media!  Naturally, the repercussions have been catastrophic to Volkswagen’s credibility and corporate bottom-line.

This is not to say anything about the impact on the consumers who now own the defective vehicles!

I think it is safe to say

the general perspective prior to this incident was Volkswagen produced outstanding, quality products.  PERIOD…no question!  Of course, it was also the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world.

So much for THAT perspective!  Things were definitely not as they seemed!

The extension of that thought is incorrect perspective can impact you and successful progress in your life.  Things can definitely not be as they seemed!

What follows are some examples of confusing perspective; the lessons you can learn; and what you can do to avoid the related consequences.

Take as a first example the image at the top of this post.  At first glance your perspective could be there are 10 people in this confusing picture.

The facts in the above picture are there are five people and five shadows.  The important details are the people…not their shadows.

The lesson is don’t be confused by irrelevant details as you pursue success in your life.

To avoid the negative consequences of a confused conclusion resist coming to any conclusion until you are totally sure of the important details.


A quick glance at this next image might play a trick on you.  The image is of a former railway track.  Because of the shadows from the adjacent fence it looks like the tracks are still there.

The lesson is not to allow yourself to dwell on what was once true in the past.  Doing so can clearly damage the clarity of your perspective about today’s reality.

Use perspectives from your past to help you avoid the same mistakes in the future.


This image might lead you to think there’s a space craft (or a spooky spider) about to land on your head while you’re attending church!  Yikes!!!

But…no…when you look more closely the image above your head is actually an ornate and beautiful chandelier.

The lesson is when you resist an immediate fear reaction; rational thinking has a chance at helping to bring resolution to any problem you encounter.

Don’t emotionally react to your fears…rationally face them and take actions to overcome them.


A quick glance at the above picture might have a dizzying effect on your equilibrium.  You’re almost pulled into the long fall down the center of the picture.

The lesson is to maintain a balanced perspective on your pursuit of success in your life.

Give equal time to the important aspects of your life:  relationships, spirituality, career/business, health and avocations.


Wow!  When you look at this next picture the perspective leaves you thinking it goes up forever!

The lesson is every barrier you face in life might seem overpowering but the reality is any barrier can be overcome with proper perspective.

Believe this about every barrier you face.  There is either a way over, under, through or around it, if your belief in achieving the goal is strong enough.


Talk about a contradiction between message and result in this image!

The lesson is always plan before taking action.  You don’t want to pursue something that when you get there it is not what you wanted it to be.

Create your vision of what success is for you and then build a detailed plan that gives you clear perspective on the steps for getting there.


Can you imagine what a rough ride it would be if you were to take a train down these tracks?

The lesson is you have to constantly update the tools you are using in getting to the destination you want.  You can’t expect old equipment (ideas and knowledge) to deliver in perpetuity.

Dedicate yourself to daily learning throughout your life so you can keep your ideas and knowledge in long-term and good working order.  It’s the only way to have an accurate perspective on things.


Beyond the old, weathered oar and the bow of a couple of reed boats, you really can’t be sure what this picture is all about.

The lesson is if your perspective is from the ground up, you really can’t see the big picture.  It’s the big picture that gives you the details necessary to making good decisions.

Dedicate yourself to not assuming anything but rather gathering all the facts so you can have an informed perspective.

It is my hope the perspectives I have offered you in this post help you create a perspective of your world that is all you want it to be.  The key is for you to act on one or more of them.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhich of the 8 lessons in this post is the most important one for you right now.  How do you intend to implement that lesson into your daily life?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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Sandy Geroux, M.S.

October 27, 2015 10:07 am Reply

Gary – I love these images and examples of how our immediate reactions need a little more thought – and how we can change our thinking. My favorite one is of the dilapidated railroad tracks and the point that you can’t expect old equipment (ideas and knowledge) to deliver in perpetuity.

Thanks for the great post!

    Gary Greenfield

    October 27, 2015 2:11 pm Reply

    Thank you, Sandy. I’ll keep those “cards and letters coming” as they say. Writing these blog posts forces me to live by what you mention is your favorite idea from this one…constantly renewing ideas and knowledge.