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A 3 Step Progression Absolutely Guarantees More Success

Have you ever watched people climbing Mt. Everest?

It is the ultimate challenge for those who choose to climb mountains.  As I understand it, there is no tougher opportunity to set one’s self up for the ultimate in success or failure in the sport.

You ever wondered how those who are successful do it?  Or…what those who are unsuccessful didn’t do?

The simple answer is they have to do the same thing to meet their challenge as you have to do in meeting the challenge of achieving the pinnacle of success in your life.  Two totally different opportunities with exactly the same progression to success.

Do you want to reach the “Mt. Everest” pinnacle of success in your life? 

Commit yourself to the following progression and you will ultimately look out on your world from the top of it.

Contemplate the Possibility of Doing Something

Every success is ultimately achieved because a dream preceded it.

An idea was conjured in your mind.  At that point the idea is nothing more than a series of thoughts, images and maybe even sensations or feelings.

The initial key to beginning to act on that dream is the power of the sensations or feelings.  The weaker the sensations or feelings the less likely the dream will progress to a successful reality.

For a dream to become a reality the power of the sensations and feelings you have for it must be visceral.  You can’t intellectually drive yourself toward a dream.  You must have deep, inward (visceral) feelings for it.

Some people refer to those kinds of feelings as defining your “why” for doing something.

It is in clearly defining your “why” you find your way.

See the Way Before You Take It

You are probably like most sighted people.  You don’t like proceeding down any dark path without being able to see your way.  It can be disorienting and frightening.

But—consider this—other people who don’t have the benefit of sight walk down paths in life where they are physically unable to see their way.  Why do they take the risk to walk down those paths?

I contend it is because they have a mental image (a vision) of where they are going.  They create that vision through the use of other senses to compensate for their lack of sight.

You have to emulate the unsighted person.  In other words, using all your senses you create a vision of the destination you would like to reach.

The vision must be vivid and inspiring enough to make you want to move toward its desired outcome.  That is exactly what unsighted people must do every time they desire to move from Point A to Point B.

If they can do it, so can you!

Take Yourself to Task

Dreams are wonderful things!  They can sweep you from the drudgery of your life as it currently is to some fairy tale better place.

Reality check!  Dreams don’t come true until you take yourself to task.

In other words, to only wish your dreams would come true is a punishable offense.  You should look yourself in the mirror and be critical of what you see.

There is only one thing you can do to change that image in the mirror so you can live with it.

You must convert your dream to a vivid vision and then take specific, well thought out actions to realize it.

Putting that another way, you must take yourself down the road to completing every task necessary to be successful.

Here is a summary for you of the 3 Step Progression to Success:

DREAM     →     VISION     →     TASKS     →     SUCCESS

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat is your first task to begin converting your dream into a vision and ultimately reality?

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