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A, B, C Makes Life So Easy

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900309178How many times have you found yourself throughout your life making things much more complicated than they needed to be?  2…200…2000?  Well, my guess is it may not be thousands of times but it is likely to be hundreds of times.  For some reason, there seems to be this tendency to over-think things…to get mired in doubting ourselves until we have come up with a complicated answer that makes us feel more secure.  Let’s talk about how not to do that, at least as it relates to living your life with a high degree of peace of mind.

Now, there’s an interesting concept…peace of mind.  The idea of living a life without mental stress or anxiety seems so desirable and, yet, unattainable by entirely too many people.  Again, for most it may be because they over-complicate things.  So, here are some easy as A, B, C ideas for keeping your life more on an even keel and simple.

First, always act in ways that assures you won’t have to feel guilt or be second-guessing yourself later.  As they say, your actions always speak louder than your words.  Furthermore, once you act it is usually too late to take it back.  The best rule may be to act on all things with decisiveness but with a high degree of integrity.

The next thing to consider in keeping your life simple is to always be who you really are.  The quickest way to add mental stress and anxiety in your life is by trying to fake it and be something you aren’t.  You absolutely can’t fake your way to peace of mind.  You earn your way there by not having to remember who you think you are but rather by knowing who you are.  Be you and you will be at peace with yourself.

Finally, when trying to keep your life simple and easy commit to those things that you truly feel passionate about.  You can’t have peace of mind when you are doing things you don’t like to do.  Find ways to find time to pursue your passions and it will be easy to be happy with your life.

In summary, act with decisiveness and integrity while always being who you really are and commit to pursuing those things for which you feel great passion…Easy as A, B, C.

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