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A By-product

Interesting thing about living life to a level of true self-actualization.  You can’t get there from here without recognizing the difference between what a goal is and what a by-product is.  There’s a huge gap between the two and if you fall into the gap you will fall into failure.

A goal is a destination…an outcome…a desired result.  Something we say we want to achieve as a desired state in our life.  To achieve your goals requires a lot of things but most of all it requires you to do everything necessary.  Call it following a plan of action steps…whatever.  Goals don’t happen they are achieved step-by-step.

A by-product, on the other hand, is totally different from a goal.  A by-product is an off-shoot of something.  It happens because other things happen.  So, a by-product is the outcome of an outcome.

Best example I can give to illustrate the contrast between a goal and by-product is through something Eleanor Roosevelt said.  “Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”

So, don’t try to be happy.  Go out and achieve the things that make you happy.

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