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A Deep Well

Sounds scary…a deep well.  It gives off visions of dampness; claustrophobic conditions; the unknown; creepy, crawly creatures and, just generally, not a place you necessarily want to visit.  Okay.  I can accept that, given the interpretation of the idea as expressed here.

However, I’m talking about the source for your ultimate, greatest experiences in life.  Because, you see, until you visit the well to which I am referring and tap into it, your life will be less than it can be.  And, after all, you’re here for such a short time doesn’t making the experience all it can be make all the sense in the world?

If you want to make the impossible possible, you have to drill deeply into your potential.  Your potential is only limited by the depth of your passion…there’s the deep well.  There’s where you have to get to to get there.  Your deep well of passion, when tapped, gushes forth a geyser of possibilities.  And, we’re talking an “Old Faithful” of a geyser.  It just keeps pouring forth and not only on the hour, either!

To get to the source of your deep well of passion you have to bring together a sense of commitment; a desire to work; and, both are born of a deep sense of love for what you want to achieve.

Well, that’s not too deep, is it?

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