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A Different “F” Word

Scared you with that title, I’ll bet.  Never fear!  It was to direct your attention toward another “F”word, focus.  But, that’s just one of two different “F” words about which I’m writing today.

Focus is a critical part of your efforts to maximize your experiences and successes in life.  Without it, who knows where you might go or what you might do.  Such vagary does not a successful person make!  You have to be so emotionally connected to your direction in life that you become almost myopically focused on it.  Success is yours when focus is foremost.

On the other hand, no focus brings into play another “F” word, frustration.  Frustration always comes into the picture ultimately if you are scattered in your efforts at striving for success.  With focus comes forward momentum.  With frustration comes malaise.  I don’t know about you but I like the feeling of momentum much more than malaise.

Which “F” word works for you?  Your answer really makes a difference!

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