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A Keeper

b2ap3_thumbnail_00444203There’s no doubt about it.  Keeping something usually feels better than losing something.  Yes, there are exceptions to that I suppose but mostly I think keeping versus losing feels better.

Take the idea of keeping your best qualities as a person rather than losing them through a lack of self-discipline or whatever.  Keeping your job rather than losing it, in these times especially, definitely feels better.  Who wants to lose a member of their family?  That never seems to feel good.  Losing touch with old friends rather than keeping touch always seems to leave a little hole in one’s life.

We could go on and on with the examples but let’s don’t.  Let’s find “a keeper” of an idea in this post that is of value to you.

Too many of us try to be something we are not because we think we want to be like somebody we are not.  Inevitably, when you try to be somebody you aren’t, you won’t be able to keep who you are.  Who you really are is always the best there is of you.  You’re a keeper, always!

You are unique unto this world.  Because you’re you it doesn’t get any better than you, so to speak.  The uniqueness of you to the world around you is a keeper.  If the world were to lose your impact, it couldn’t keep a little part of itself.  Lose too many parts of itself and soon it would be gone.

Your charge in life is to keep the best of you so the world keeps getting better for everybody.  “Keep on keepin’ on!”

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