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A Laugh A Minute!

Well maybe not that frequently!  However, laughing frequently is one of the most healthy actions you can take on a daily basis.  A laugh gives you renewed energy to live healthily!

Let’s take a brief look at what various researchers have said about the power of laughing in contributing to good health.



    • If stress is a factor in your life, laughing can be a major help in reducing it.


    • Laughter increases the volume of your breathing which stimulates your lungs, heart and other muscles.


    • More of the feel good natural chemicals (Endorphins) in the body are released which helps encourage a sense of well-being.


  • There’s even some evidence that laughter can improve your immune system and relieve pain.


So, why wouldn’t you encourage yourself to have a laugh a minute?  How about the answer being that we get so busy we forget to look at the funny side of life or to look for opportunities to introduce humor into our existence?  Let’s look at what you can do to stimulate your “funny bone.”



    • Force yourself to look for the funny side of a stress producing event.  Rather than getting angry when somebody cuts you off in traffic, laugh about how funny you will look to other drivers if you were to go into a state of road rage!  What a picture!


    • Set daily goals to find humor.  Read the paper looking for the funny side of stories or the cartoons.  Search humor in Youtube…you will be amazed at the reservoir of really funny stuff.  Search the magazine rack as you’re strolling through the grocery store and grab a laugh or two from the comic books or cartoons.  As you stroll through the aisles of books at your library, scan a joke book or two.


  • As you go through your day, look for those inevitable opportunities to create your own “knock-knock” jokes.  You’ll have to laugh!!


See…you can have a laugh a minute and you will be better for it.

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