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A Life of Simplicity Requires Complexity

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900387804The point of this post should be simple to understand after we get through the complexity of a couple of key points.  First, is to understand clearly what the concept of simplicity truly means.  I turned to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for clarity and help.  That dictionary would tell us simplicity can mean three things that are relevant to my ultimate point.  They are:

  • “the quality of being easy to understand or use”
  • “the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated”
  • “something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable”

So, honoring those definitions we are led to understand that a life of simplicity would include being easy to understand or use but plain or not fancy or complicated and, therefore ordinary but enjoyable.  I ask you, does that really sound possible in light of the following information?

Consider the Merriam-Webster definitions of complexity.  They are:

  • “the quality or state of not being simple; the quality or state of being complex”
  • “a part of something that is complicated or hard to understand”

Okay, so where does all that leave us?  From my perspective, it suggests life is complicated or hard to understand sometimes and it is not simple. However, as long as we recognize that fact, we can better understand those things we need to do to make our lives more ordinary but enjoyable.

In summary, use the complexities in your life to define things you need to do to simplify things.  I don’t believe there is a simple, one-size fits all for doing that.  Rather, each of us needs to make individual choices in the areas of spiritual, interpersonal, physical and financial that suits our personal circumstances and desires for simplicity.  Pretty complex, don’t you think?

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