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A Little Change

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900449057_20130902-174221_1…never hurt anyone.  Hey, I’m not talking about you giving me a little financial remuneration for my ruminations, here. That kind of change is always a little handy but not remotely my point in this post.

No…I want you to face that which most of us struggle with facing from time to time.  I’m talking about the dreaded circumstance of having to face change of some sort.  It could be anything from a job to jury duty.  It doesn’t make any difference for most of us.  Dealing with change is usually very daunting.

On the other hand, think about it!  At one time or another, everything around you represented some kind of change.  When you bought the clothes you are currently wearing, they represented a change.  When you were born, it represented change for you, your parents and your world.  Graduation from high school represented a major change in how you would live your life going forward.  We could go on and on with examples but it isn’t the examples of change that is important.  It’s recognizing that somehow you successfully dealt with THOSE changes.

In fact, my bet is that after you dealt with each change that has occurred in your life, so far, you felt as if somehow you had grown…you had improved in some way.  Change, if dealt with rather than avoided, always represents an opportunity to grow rather than to wither in what once was.

Here’s a “little” thought on how to handle a little change in your life.  Fix your thinking…away from fear and on a focus to gaining from change.  That’s the first and most important step to dealing effectively with change.  Everything else will happen naturally, if you make that “little” change in your attitude.

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