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So, what is it you want out of your life?  It doesn’t make any difference what it is.  What does make a difference is what you do about it!  Here’s where things can get pathetic for too many people.  Hopefully, not you!

Pathetic is such a strong, descriptive word, in my opinion.  One definition of pathetic includes the words distressing and inadequate.  If you want to get what you want in your life, you can’t put forth a distressing and inadequate effort…PERIOD!  You can’t get what you want until you do everything that you have to.

Here’s the problem for too many people, however.  They add an “a” in front of the word, pathetic.  In other words, they become too apathetic in their approach to life.  They don’t step out from the shadow of mediocrity and become all that they can be.  Now, that truly is pathetic!

There are lots of people in the world that aren’t even remotely pathetic or apathetic.  One that particularly comes to mind is Helen Keller.  She may be the greatest example of a person who never (not one day) put forth a distressing and inadequate effort.  If she had, she would have slipped into the darkness of her lack of sight and hearing never to impact the world in so many magnificent ways.

On the topic of apathy she said:  “Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all–the apathy of human beings.”

It would be…a…pathetic if you didn’t over come yours.

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