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A Tale of Two Stories

There’s a wonderful story that illustrates the value of acquiring knowledge and using it. The story involves Winston Churchill and an incident during World War II . The setting is just before the battle of El Alamein in North Africa.

Winnie summoned his military leader, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery and suggested that he study the logistics of the impending battle. It’s important to note that Montgomery was relatively diminutive in stature but large in ego. His reaction to Churchill’s suggestion would confirm that last fact. Montgomery doubted that he should become involved in the details of the logistics concerning the battle. “After all,” he said, “You know what they
say, familiarity breeds contempt.” Churchill replied, “I would like to remind you that without a degree of
familiarity, we could not breed anything.”

The need for ever greater knowledge, if one is going to maximize his or her potential, is also told in an article by Dr. Denis Waitley. For those who are unfamiliar with Doctor Waitley, he is a noted expert in the topics of success and maximizing performance in life. Some time ago, I read an article he wrote. Within that article
was this story.
“Scientists have been studying a South American Tribe whose members have been dying prematurely for many generations. It was finally discovered that the disease resulting in their early death was caused by the bite of an insect which inhabited the walls of their adobe homes.

There were several possible solutions for the natives:

They could destroy the creatures with an insecticide.
They could destroy and rebuild their homes.
They could move to another area where there were no such insects.
Finally, they could continue to live just as they have for generations and die early.

They have chosen not accept the new found knowledge but to
remain as they are…the path of least resistance and no change.

Many people have a similar attitude about personal development. On the one hand, they know
that learning brings about change. On the other hand, they resist change. They know that some people have overcome enormous obstacles to become great, but they can’t imagine it happening to them. So, they resign themselves to being the also-rans in life, wishing and envying away their lives.”

None of us can wish and envy our way to greater success in life. It takes constantly growing our knowledge and applying that knowledge is new ways as times change.

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