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A Thought Too Far

Yes, I know!  There’s a World War II movie entitled A Bridge Too Far.  Funny, though.  Where I’m going with the point of this post may have some relationship with the topic of that movie.  Let’s find out.

You’re on your road to success.  But, what does success look like to you?  If you don’t know what it looks like, you really can’t see it well enough to achieve it.  Besides a commitment to action, the next most important characteristic to achieving success is having a clear vision of it.

But, there’s the big problem for too many people.  They short-change their view of themselves and their potential.  They don’t see far enough.  They don’t reach far enough.  They don’t risk far enough.  They don’t think far enough.  If your thinking is short, your vision will be short-sighted.

How do you know how far you can go in this life, if you don’t think too far?  By that I mean, if you’re not dreaming way beyond your current potential, you’ll never realize your true potential.  If you think it, your greater potential becomes palpable.

A thought too far, when it comes to your ultimate success, puts peace of mind within your reach.  In the end, you will know that you truly did all you could do to become all you could be.

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