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A Three Point Play Usually Will Not Win the Tournament of Life

b2ap3_thumbnail_small_4139115452-Saved-as-a-JPEG-pictureAnyone who has watched even a few seconds of a college or professional basketball game will have seen it.  A player launches a shot from outside an arc painted on the basketball court.  That arc is what is known as the “three- point line.”  Any shot made from outside that line is worth three points and any shot made inside that line is worth two points.  Because the arc is located a relatively long distance from the basket (such as 22 feet) the odds of making a shot are substantially reduced.  If the game is riding on a last shot, unless the point differential between the two teams is three points, taking a three-point shot reduces the odds of winning very significantly.  In short, three-point plays can be a good thing but they shouldn’t be the only strategy for winning the game.

And, so it is with winning the metaphorical tournament of life.  A winning strategy more often than not will not be guaranteed through a last second desperation shot at trying to achieve your ultimate life goals.  Rather, the game is more successfully played through having a consistent series of less dramatic plays.  Plays that repeatedly get you closer to each goal before you take the final shot at it.  Plays like that can only be designed by having a strategically built plan and then execution of each of the actions outlined in that plan.

Such a plan provides greater certainty of a winning strategy because it offers a clear vision of the goal.  The vision is driven by the passion to achieve it. Step-by-step procedures (plays or actions) show a clear path to the goal, if followed.  The plan anticipates that the flow of the game will change as time goes on and so the plan must be adaptable but still focus on achieving the original goal even though the strategy may have to adjust.  As life’s “game clock” ticks down, executing the plan’s step-by-step procedures results in successfully reaching a series of mini-goals that leads to the ultimate goal of winning.

Success in life, then, becomes a slam dunk!

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