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A Virtue

It’s been said patience is a virtue.  I find that hard to believe in this fast paced, instant gratification world we find ourselves in.  Why be patient…why wait?  Push a button and the internet will make all the world your oyster!

There’s a problem in an over emphasis of that instant gratification, though.  It fills people with angst and anger.  Angst when things don’t come back to them in a nanosecond.  Anger when they have to wait beyond that nanosecond.  Patience…not bloody likely!

But, does this connected world we live in have to take away our sense of human decency and regard for each other?  Does this world have to create monsters of angst and anger because they can’t have it all…NOW?  Whatever happened to the wonder of pacing our lives to the beat of our hearts rather than the whirr of computer processors?  How can such a world teach a new generation the virtue of patience as a part of being a well-balanced human being?

Lots of questions.  I have no answers, immediately.  But, if you’re patient, I might come up with one in time.

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