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About Knocks

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900425511You have heard them many times.  Things like:  Life’s full of hard knocks.  S/he has taken some hard knocks.  If you haven’t had hard knocks, you’ve had a soft life.  That last one is my very own thought.  :<)

There are probably hundreds of quotes related to the topic of hard knocks.  In other words, we could go on and on repeating them.  However, this post is not about you repeating hard knocks.  It’s all about broadening your thinking about the concept of knocks.

We’re back to the old idea of thinking half-full or half-empty, here.  Those that dwell on their hard knocks in life will never be able to open the door of opportunity.  Why?  Well, because if you can’t see the opportunity knocking with every hard knock, you’re blind to its purpose.

You see…I believe every hard knock in life has a positive purpose.  Yes, it’s hard to consider the alternative side to a hard knock.  But, if you don’t, those same hard knocks will knock you unconscious.  When you’re unconscious, you can’t see anything…let alone opportunity knocking.

So, with every hard knock find the opportunity that is also knocking.  Yes, life can knock you down

but you have to get back up or you’re knocked out of its wondrous opportunities.

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