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About Last and Least

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0145506The least you can do to assure a good life is to find your passion.  Without passion, everything else is diluted in your life.  Passion is what gives life the pounding pulse of intensity, excitement, drive, ambition and purpose.

The problem is too many people just roll through life taking the course of least resistance.  They don’t want to pay any price other than personal comfort zone kinds of things.  Finding your passion requires effort and stretching beyond what may be comfortable for you.

The last thing you want to realize at the end of your life is your lack of passion and purpose throughout that life.  Think about it!  Why would you notwant to experience everything you possibly can during your life?  It takes passion to have all those experiences.  Otherwise, the end of your life brings only great regret rather than great peace.  Pursuing that peace trumps remaining in your comfort zone every time.

Go for it!  Think about finding your passion as being as important as catching the last train out of Dodge in the old days.  Getting out of Dodge during the hard days of the Old West was nearly impossible.  Remote didn’t begin to describe the location of the place.

Finding your passion is the last train to your peace of mind.  The least you can do is get on it!

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