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Absolutely Do Not Wait Until You Have It Totally Right

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387299Your life and its opportunities are short and delay does not make it longer.  You might think your delay of something is buying time.  However, you can’t buy time!  Your time is finite!  You must not wait on anything as a consequence.

Now, I’m not suggesting you jump in with both feet on something without being ready.  There is a difference between being ready and right.  By definition, ready means you are fully prepared.  Yet, right has to do with correctness.  The problem of delay happens when your focus on total correctness stops you from being fully prepared.

Correctness and perfection are totally different stages of completion of something.  You can do something with correctness and yet it is not done to perfection or as I referred to it in the title of this post, totally right.  Striving for perfection holds you back from being fully prepared to do something correctly. The fact is all this life demands of you is correctness not perfection!

If you wait for perfection, you will miss the opportunity.  Taking advantage of opportunities is action oriented.  Yes, try to be right in the actions you take so your result is what you want.  But, if you wait for your actions to be perfect no result will ensue because you will be frozen in inaction.

In all things…act…make a decision and then make it right…not perfect or totally right… just right.

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