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Absolutely Flip a Switch and Make an Awesome Difference

It’s counter intuitive but seems to be true…at least as well documented in a very interesting book by Adam Grant.

His book, Give and Take, was actually published well over a year ago but is still one of the 200 best sellers on Amazon.  With over 400 reviews, it has averaged 4 ½ stars.

The problem you may have, as do many others, is successfully negotiating the metaphoric maze in life that can be the broad topic of giving to others and taking from others.

I don’t believe selfishness is the root cause of the problem.  I think it is more a misunderstanding of the powerfully positive impact of unconditional generosity.

The book I mentioned above is very relevant to the whole issue and to some key points I make in the video inserted in the post.  The points show how to flip a switch in your mind and implement an attitude of giving that creates greater abundance in your life.

Suffice to say Mother Teresa didn’t become a saint by taking more than she gave during her lifetime.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhich of the suggested flips of a switch in the video resonated most with you.  How are you going to act on it?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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