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Absolutely Not I Won’t Do It

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0430986_20131003-174247_1If you haven’t said it, how many times have you thought it?  You’re faced with something miserable that should be done but you’re at a total standstill.  You tell yourself in no uncertain terms something like: “Absolutely not!   I won’t do it!” Your certain statement is to convince those around you and yourself of your uncertainty about having to do whatever it is.

Here’s the problem.  If you don’t do some things even though you don’t want to, they may come back and bite you.  Living a successful life is always about making hard choices all along the way.  It’s the way it is!  If everything were easy, nothing would be really worth it.  It’s the hard things that are usually the higher value things in life.

An intractable attitude suggested by saying or thinking (Absolutely not!  I won’t do it!) is usually driven by some degree of fear.  It could be your fear of not feeling like you have the necessary knowledge or skills.  It could be a fear of a possible outcome.  Whatever…fears can be a driver of intractability.

Do this…don’t kneejerk react into intractability.  Take a deep breath, defer the negative emotional reaction and consider as many of the pros and cons as you can.  Having weighed those pros and cons in an objective manner, you can still be intractable but at least you will be reacting from a more factual basis than one of emotion.

It’s true…some things should never been done.  However, it’s throwing a temper tantrum of fear-driven intractability that gets us in trouble.  Try taking the “deep breath deferral” approach and maybe you won’t miss some of your life’s greatest opportunities.

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