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Abundance Emergency!

By abundance, I mean everything in your life but most particularly your peace of mind.  With true abundance in all aspects of your life, you achieve a level of peace of mind that can be unequaled.  But, abundance doesn’t come through a wish.  It comes through having a sense of urgency.  It comes from having an urgency in how you think, do, be and have.

And, by the way, you can’t “have” until you “be” worthy of what you have.  You can’t “be” until you “do” the right things to be all you can be.  You can’t “do” until you “think” straight.  Thinking straight here meaning beyond your self-centered world.  Having abundance is more about others than it is you.  Fact!  You give to others without expectation and your return is abundant.

But one caution:  You don’t have an abundance of time to create abundance during your time!

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