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Accept The Inevitable

I guess it was inevitable that I would one day write about the concept embodied in the title of this post.  It was inevitable because the word, inevitable, is unavoidable given the subjects on which I write.

You see…the only way for any of us to become all that we can be is to make it inevitable.  Put another way, before you can ever succeed at something you must be able to see yourself succeeding.  In short, you must, as I term it, “pre-succeed.”

When you pre-succeed in your mind’s eye, you accept success as inevitable.  It becomes a done deal much before it becomes real.  That’s why all of the experts on achieving great success will, somewhere in their observations, mention the importance of visualization.  Proper use of visualization gives you a picture of what success will look and feel like.

If you want to accept the inevitable, picture it and it will be.  It’s unavoidable!

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