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Acceptance Is Not Failure

Driven?  Can’t give up on an idea or a goal?  Troubled by even thinking about failing at something?  Ingrained with the idea of never giving up?  Possessed with achieving success no matter the price and no matter who is hurt in the process?

I can understand any of the above thinking.  It tends to be inculcated in the American mindset.  But…that doesn’t always make it the right way to think.  Consider these points and then re-evaluate your thinking, if necessary.

    • Why are you driven toward a particular idea or goal?  Make sure you’re being honest with yourself and not sacrificing other important aspects of your life or your relationships.


    • Truly evaluate what is the worst thing that would happen if you failed.  Put things in proper perspective and redirect your efforts as appropriate.


    • Never giving up on an idea or a goal is probably totally unrealistic.  Life happens.  Things do change.  Constantly and honestly adjust your thinking and approach as dictated.


    • If you are hurting other people while being possessed by the pursuit of an idea or goal, you are compromising your human responsibilities.  Success will be empty because other people will not validate that success.  You will be alone in your victory!

All this is to say, sometimes acceptance is not submission to failure.  It is you intelligently acknowledging the facts of the situation and moving in an appropriately different direction.

Can you accept that?  It doesn’t necessarily mean failure.

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