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Achieving the Next Level Inevitably Requires Stepping Up

b2ap3_thumbnail_032_20141107-193046_1Several months ago I had the privilege of standing at the southwestern most point of the African Continent.  Some people call it “The Cape of Good Hope” but the locals just call it “The Cape” or “Cape Point.”  It is an awesome joining together of the currents of two great oceans:  The Atlantic and Indian.

The above picture gives you an idea of what it is really like.  The aquamarine water is seething and as it rolls into shore it slams into the rocky outcrops of The Cape with a thunderous roar.  It’s exhilarating and, in a way, intimidating at the same time.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!  It is a moment forever etched in my mind.  But wait…there’s more!


b2ap3_thumbnail_041I almost did miss the total perspective that could be gained from being there!  You see the shore level perspective was incredible as I said but then I looked up.  When looking up I noticed what you see in the following picture.

I thought about it for a moment and seriously considered not making the climb because it was much longer and more acute than the picture illustrates.  Quickly, I came to my senses realizing if I don’t take those steps up to the lighthouse at the top, I will forever wonder about the view.  If I was going to gain from the view at that next level there was only one way to do it.  Take each one of those steps!


Here’s what I saw when I got there.







The moral of my story is if I hadn’t put forth the effort and stepped up to the next level at “The Cape of Good Hope” I would have missed the complete picture of its magnificence.


When you are on the shore of what you think is your greatest achievement, look up.  There is always the next level but you must make the effort and step up to achieve it.  Trust me!  It will be worth the view!


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