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Acquiring Wisdom Is Always Later Not Sooner

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401405I’m reminded of a Chinese proverb:  “Not until just before dawn do people sleep best; not until people get old do they become wise.”  But, then the question could be:  Why is wisdom or becoming wise important to living a life of significance and quality?  It may seem dumb on my part to even pose the question.  However, I’m wise enough to know I’d better answer it so you can potentially benefit from my perspective.

The concept of wisdom sounds so stabilizing to me.  It is so worldly as to allow for never being tripped up by surprises in life.  Wisdom further suggests to me an ability to deal with life’s surprises in adroit ways that maximizes the opportunities presented by those same surprises.  As such, I guess we would have to say wisdom is a good sense of judgment gained through the knowledge gleaned from having many experiences in life.  Furthermore it is the ability to understand things in ways other people can’t.

Let’s face it any time you need counsel on some challenge you are having you probably seek out someone who you think has already learned from similar experiences.  They are, therefore, wise to the related issues and can help you work your way through the various pitfalls.  Seeking that kind of counsel saves you the time and trouble from learning by trial and error.  That’s a good practice because your life shouldn’t be either a trial or an error since it is way too short!

The bottom-line on all this is life is a journey from relative ignorance to sublime wisdom.  It is that journey that makes life the wonderful experience it is. You are wise to do everything you can to enjoy each moment because wisdom says life is very precious.  So, sooner rather than later accelerate the gaining of wisdom by associating with those who are more wise than you.

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