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Acting Out Of Fear?

Hey…let’s face it!  To get ahead and stay ahead in this life can be extremely difficult.  In fact, so difficult for some that fear becomes pervasive in all aspects of their lives.  It becomes debilitating, isolating and renders many frozen in their tracks along their path to success.  As a result, success becomes impossible.

So, what’s the answer?  Well, the simple answer for you, if too much fear is a factor in your life, is to fear less.  How’s that for a statement of the blindingly obvious!  But, stay with me here.  I’m really not trying to be overly simplistic about the issue of fear and overcoming it.

My point…Acting out of fear will almost inevitably result in failure at whatever your pursuit.  That is true for at least all the reasons noted in the first paragraph of this post.  Fear drives failure for all of those reasons, in other words.  You can’t act if you’re frozen in fear, as an example.

No, to act that results in you achieving your highest level of potential requires something else.  That something else is a passion or deep love for whatever it is you want to act on.  Without the emotion of love for something, your action will be diluted and ultimately fear will set in because you can see your dream slipping away.

In short, act out of love and you achieve the uncommon.

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