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Acting Your Age

There’s nothing particularly good or bad about it.  It just is.  That said all of us have probably been on the receiving end of a comment like, Oh, act your age why don’t you!  It’s usually stated in a snide tone of voice with reinforcing facial expressions and bodily gestures.  In the opening line of this paragraph, I was suggesting the phrase that is the title to this post isn’t particularly good or bad.  What makes it one or the other is the point of reference from which it is being used.

So, what’s the point may be your question.  Well, acting your age can mean a lot of good and not so good things.  A two week old child acting his or her age wouldn’t normally be seen as acting good or bad.  They are only capable of acting out of instinct, so to speak.  They don’t have a broad enough base of experience or mature enough brain to do otherwise.

On the other hand, as we grow and mature we develop an understanding of the parameters of expected behavior for any age.  When we act outside that expectation for any age, people are given to suggesting we should act our age.

So, let’s put some more clarity to this whole idea.  Martin Scorcese made an interesting observation in that regard.  He said:  “And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more of a tendency to look for people who live by kindness, tolerance, compassion, a gentler way of looking at things.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if at any responsible age we were seen as acting our age because of our kindness, tolerance, compassion and a gentler way of looking at things?  Then, acting your age would seem to be always good!  Oh, what a different world it would be!!

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